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1. At a Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Monroe County Library System held on September 13, 2004 at the Dundee Branch Library, the meeting was called to order by Chairperson Catharine Calder. Roll call by Secretary Larry Gregory follows:

Present: Cathe' Calder, Chair; Fred Lux, Vice-Chair; Larry Gregory, Secretary; Elizabeth Taylor and MaryAnn Bourque, Trustees; Nancy Colpaert, Director; and Diane Fetterly, Recording Secretary.

Staff: Allison Enger and Marie Sowa

A quorum being present, the Board proceeded to transact business.

2. Motion by Vice-Chair Lux, supported by Trustee Bourque, to accept the agenda as presented. Motion carried.

3. Motion by Vice-Chair Lux, supported by Secretary Gregory, to accept the minutes of the regular board meeting August 9, 2004 as printed. Motion carried.

4. Public Comment - None.

5. Consent Agenda
Motion by Secretary Gregory, supported by Trustee Taylor, to accept the items on the consent agenda, including the August 2004 Financial Report, and place on file. Motion carried.

6. Committee Reports
Finance Committee
Chair Calder said the committee reviewed the financial reports and bills for August. We are in very good shape in terms of staying within the budget; nothing but good news regarding penal fines. The Ellis parking lot and grounds project was also discussed.

Facilities Committee Chair Bourque said they had a very productive meeting, covering every facility within the system. They also toured the Bedford library site. The renovation is coming along very well with the exception of the concrete floor not drying, so there is a hold up to lay the carpeting. The grand opening has been delayed. The road commission is continuing to erect library directional signs in Monroe County, and the project should be ending soon. Nancy Colpaert said a meeting was held with the architect and contractor for the Ellis project on Friday and some progress on the punch list has been made. Director Colpaert will continue to check out the lighting in the facilities with the new light meter and will work with the local units of government to get up to recommended levels.

The committee discussed a letter received from the Monroe/Lenawee County AFL-CIO asking that a resolution be written by the MCLS board to all townships urging them to use union labor when contracting work. Motion by Trustee Bourque, seconded by Vice Chair Lux, to send a copy of the letter from AFL-CIO along with a cover letter from Director Colpaert, to townships regarding using union labor for projects. Motion carried.

Policy and Personnel Committee
Chair Gregory said they are looking for businesses to partner with. A policy is being developed for government documents following a recent instance where the government asked us to withdraw items from the collection. The committee also reviewed items on tonight's agenda.

Community Partnering Committee
A meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 23 at noon in the Ellis Conference Room.

Technology Committee
A meeting has been scheduled for Monday, September 20 at 1:00 p.m. at Ellis.

Woodlands Update
Secretary Gregory and Vice-Chair Lux will attend the governing board meeting this Thursday, September 16th in Albion.

Legislative Update
Secretary Gregory is keeping a watchful eye on the legislation's next move on the projected budget for 2005.

7. Unfinished Business
The board discussed the discontinuation of the reciprocal borrowing agreement by the Milan Public Library. The Finance Committee attended a meeting with Milan last month and has drafted several proposals. Motion by Vice Chair Lux, supported by Trustee Taylor, to submit Proposal 1 as a starting point for negotiations with Milan. Motion carried.

Proposal 1 would provide funding similar to the three townships in Milan Public Library's service area who contribute state aid and penal fines to the operation of Milan Public Library. No taxes are paid by these three municipalities. Comparable compensation per capita and penal fines for the 810 registered MCLS users would be $6,000. Also according to the proposal, the Milan Public Library must continue participation in the MichiCard program. Approximately twenty patrons have come to Dundee to get a MCLS library card with Michicard sticker on it to use the Milan Public Library.

8. New Business
Motion by Trustee Taylor, supported by Secretary Gregory, to approve payment of the bills for the month ending August 31, 2004 in the amount of $400,520.53. Motion carried.

Motion by Vice-Chair Lux, supported by Trustee Bourque, to approve the director's evaluation tool and calendar for her annual performance review. Motion carried. The document will be sent out electronically and board members are to reply to Secretary Gregory's email address.

Motion by Trustee Bourque, supported by Vice Chair Lux, to adopt the Motor Vehicle Safety policy and agreement. Motion carried. The agreement will be signed by all staff who use the library van. Their drivers' licenses will be reviewed on a yearly basis.

9. Director's Report
Director Colpaert thanked Dundee Librarian Enger for hosting the meeting and providing refreshments. She also thanked her for her input regarding MCLS patrons and Milan Library.

Board members are trustees of the Deferred Compensation Plan for MCLS and our plan calls for regular updates to the trustees. One staff member had an emergency situation, but decided against pulling out the money. A retiree recently rolled over her contributions to an IRA which is allowable under the plan.

We received a check for $212.75 in additional state aid from the State of Michigan. Funds remaining were uncovered during an audit.

Board members are invited to Leave a Legacy breakfast on Tuesday September 28th at MCCC. Gregory Schupra, Vice President of Comerica Bank and group director of the Comerica Charitable Services Group will be the speaker.

Jim Seidl will be present at the October board meeting and present a session on trustee training.

The patron self-checkout unit will be ready at Ellis soon. A Quilt show is being held at Ellis until the end of the month. We are preparing for Writer's on the River to be held at Ellis on November 14. Over thirty authors have been confirmed, along with Gordie Howe.

10. Board Comments
Vice-Chair Lux said he hopes we work the agreement with Milan out to everyone's satisfaction so that the students and patrons don't have to be without services.

Trustee Bourque asked trustees if they would like to buy a brick for the Bedford renovation. They can be bought by an individual or as a group and cost $25 or $50 for a 4x8 or 8x8 brick respectively.

Secretary Gregory said he and Director Colpaert will be attending the board meeting at London Township tonight immediately after our board meeting. We want to explain to residents regarding Milan library that we want to work this issue out, we are not adversaries. We want this issue resolved for benefit of patrons and students.

Trustee Taylor thanked Ms. Enger for her work at Dundee. She agreed that the Milan issue needs to be worked out soon.

Chair Calder thanked Secretary Gregory and Director Colpaert for attending the London Township board meeting tonight. She will be out of town and will not be able to attend the October board meeting, the night of Jim Seidl's presentation on board member training.

11. Public Comment - none.

12. Announcements
Date of Next Board Meeting - Monday, October 18, 2004 @ 6:00 p.m., at the Dorsch Memorial Branch Library , 18 E. First St., Monroe.

13. Adjournment
Motion by Trustee Taylor, supported by Secretary Gregory, to adjourn the meeting at 6:52 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,
Larry Gregory, Secretary
Catharine Calder, Chairperson

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