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1. At a Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Monroe County Library System held on March 13, 2006 at the Ida Branch Library, the meeting was called to order by Chairperson Lux. Roll call by Secretary Elizabeth Taylor follows:

Present: Fred Lux, Chair; Larry Gregory, Vice-Chair; Elizabeth Taylor, Secretary; MaryAnn Bourque, Trustee; Nancy Colpaert, Director; and Diane Ohlemacher, Recording Secretary.

Excused: Catharine Calder, Trustee

Staff: Nancy Bellaire, Barb Drodt, Suzanne Krueger

A quorum being present, the Board proceeded to transact business.

2. Motion by Trustee Bourque, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, that the agenda be approved as amended. Motion carried.

3. Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Trustee Bourque, to approve the minutes of the regular board meeting February 13, 2006 as printed. Motion carried.

4. Public Comment - None

5. Joyce Davis, Chair of the Ida Library Advisory Board welcomed board members to Ida. She said it has been an amazing three years in the new building. Preparations are underway for recognition of the railroad that established Ida. The Historical Society will present a plaque and Jeremy Potter, Ida Middle School Teacher, and head of the Ida History Club will give a brief informative program. Events will take place during Michigan Week.

6. The board recognized 2006 Mary Daume Scholarship recipient Suzanne Krueger. Suzanne is attending Wayne State University 's Library and Information Science Program. Ida Librarian Barb Drodt said Suzanne does a great job at Ida and is also working as a part-time reference technician at Bedford .

7. Consent Agenda

Motion by Trustee Bourque, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, to accept the items on the consent agenda as presented, including the February 2006 Financial Report, and place on file. Motion carried.

8. Committee Reports

Finance Committee

There was no meeting. Next meeting April 4 th .

Facilities Committee

There was no meeting.

Policy and Personnel Committee

Vice-Chair Gregory reported there was no meeting. There is a meeting next month on April 4 th . He asked board members to complete their Self-Assessments and prepare for discussion at next month's meeting.

Community Partnering Committee

There was no meeting.

Technology Committee

There was no meeting.

Woodlands Update

Vice-Chair Gregory said they will meet this Thursday in Albion .

Legislative Update

Vice-Chair Gregory said both he and Director Colpaert contacted Senator Bev Hammerstrom regarding Bill 491, using penalties for non-car seat users for other purposes than going to libraries.

The Patriot Act has been signed by President Bush. Unfortunately modifications made do not affect the controversial section regarding libraries.

9. Unfinished Business - none.

10. New Business

Motion by Vice-Chair Gregory, supported by Secretary Taylor, to approve payment of the bills for the month ending February 28, 2006, in the amount of $543,557.68. Motion carried.

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Trustee Bourque, to approve purchase of a 2006 Ford E350 6.0L Diesel Chassis Utilivan in the amount of $27,995 from Whitman Ford, Temperance per the Maintenance Supervisor's recommendation. Motion carried.

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Trustee Bourque, to investigate and approve making a yearly lump sum contribution for Retiree Health Care. A yearly contribution will draw more interest into the account. The retiree health care board's attorney pointed out that there are generally only a few good days in the market every year and if we invest earlier in the year, we will benefit from those days. The cost is approximately $473,903 a year and does not deviate from the amount budgeted in this line item. Motion carried.

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, to amend the section in the Internet Policy regarding 10 free copies to read "10 free black and white copies a day. Color copies available at some branches at $1.00 per copy." Director Colpaert will check to see what area businesses charge for color copies and if the library system is competitive. Motion carried.

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Vice-Chair Gregory, to approve mailing out Request for Proposals for a 2006 network upgrade. Rachel Braden, head of Technology, said the upgrade will be completed in two phases. First our equipment will be diagnosed for any problems such as the firewall which is four years old. The second phase will be a proposal for bandwidth expansion for our 16 branches to a T-3, wireless, etc. Motion carried.

11. Director's Report

Director Colpaert reported that penal fines for the month of February were $113,478.70.

The new format for statistics is in color and contain graphs and charts. The report is also broken down by the type of materials, circulation, and program detail. The senior outreach van is circulating more than 1000 materials a month and we continue to get positive comments about this service.

Congratulations to Bill Reiser on a very successful 19 th Blues Series. As usual, he is already working on next year's 20 th Anniversary Black History Month Celebration.

The South Rockwood branch remains open while repairs are being completed. A handrail has been installed at the entrance and a new window is scheduled for installment soon.

The City of Petersburg and Summerfield Township have agreed to put a proposal on the ballot for funding to expand the existing library.

Library week is the first week in April and all units of government will receive letters thanking them for our partnership. A draft service agreement will also be sent to the municipalities supporting library branches.

12. Board Comments

Trustees thanked Librarian Barb Drodt and Advisory Board Chair Joyce Davis for hosting the meeting. The building looks great, a lot nicer than the trailer. They also thanked Rachel Braden for all her efforts with library technology.

13. Announcements

Date of Next Board Meeting - Monday, April 10, 2006 @ 6:00 p.m., at the Blue Bush Branch Library.

14. Adjournment

Motion by Secretary Taylor, supported by Trustee Bourque, to adjourn the meeting at 6:34 p.m. Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth J. Taylor, Secretary

Fred Lux, Chairperson

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