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The Book
Journey to the Center of the Earth
By Jules Verne

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A team of explorers makes an expedition into a crater in Iceland which leads to the center of the earth and to incredible and horrifying discoveries.      

“The reason Verne is still read by millions today is simply that he was one of the best storytellers who ever lived.” - Arthur C. Clarke

Jules Verne won international renown for his imaginative, pioneering science fiction and adventure novels. His influence was so profound that some credit him with inventing science fiction and predicting twentieth-century developments such as exploration of the sea, the interior of the earth, and outer space. Verne is also thought to have foreseen the submarine, the airplane, and perhaps the automobile. In fact, Verne based much of his writing on what he read of actual technological advances; what he did invent he described with such care that it seemed quite plausible. Although modern technology has outstripped his vision, his best work remains relevant and is still read after more than one hundred years.

Born February 8, 1828, in Nantes, France; died March 24, 1905, in Amiens, France; buried in La Madeleine cemetery, Amiens, France; son of a magistrate; married Honorine (de Viane) Morel, January 10, 1857; children: Michel (son); Valentine, Suzanne (stepdaughters).

Education: Attended local schools; studied law in Paris, France. Novelist. Worked variously as stockbroker, private law instructor, and secretary of Theatre Lyrique; wrote plays, some with the younger Alexandre Dumas; served on municipal council in Amiens, France.

Original Cover of the 1874 Edition:

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The Movie
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Rated PG

Brendan Fraser - Prof. Trevor Anderson
Josh Hutcherson - Sean Anderson
Anita Briem - Hannah Ásgeirsson
Seth Meyers - Professor Alan Kitzens
Jean Michel Paré - Max Anderson
Jane Wheeler - Elizabeth Anderson
Frank Fontaine - Old Man
Giancarlo Caltabiano - Leonard
Kaniehtiio Horn - Gum-Chewing Girl
Garth Gilker - Sigurbjörn Ásgeirsson

Overview of Movie: 
During a scientific expedition in Iceland, visionary scientist Trevor Anderson (Brendan Fraser), his nephew Sean (Josh Hutcherson) and their beautiful local guide, Hannah (Anita Briem), are unexpectedly trapped in a cave from which their only escape is to go deeper and deeper into the depths of the Earth. Traveling through never-before-seen worlds, the trio comes face-to-face with surreal and unimaginable creatures--including man-eating plants, giant flying piranha, glow birds and terrifying dinosaurs from days past. The adventurers soon realize that as volcanic activity increases around them, they must find a way back to the Earth's surface before it is too late. - Fandango

E! Reviews by Matt Stevens

Review in a Hurry: Brendan Fraser takes a break from battling mummies to journey to...well, you know...where he battles a T-Rex, Venus flytraps and fanged fish—oh my! Inspired by the Jules Verne classic, this fun-size popcorn movie packs enough adventure and humor into every bite to please the whole fam. Just be sure to catch it in 3-D.

The Bigger Picture: You gotta love 3-D movies. There's always something being jabbed at your face or hurled into your lap. And Journey doesn't skimp on the gimmicks—you'll be ducking rocks, a yo-yo, dinosaur drool, etc., even Fraser's backwash. Fortunately, some appealing actors and exciting action are also thrown your way.

Hunky charmer Fraser—again proving he has the perfect light touch for this kind of material—plays geology professor Trevor Anderson, whose brother Max mysteriously died during an Icelandic expedition. Max's 13-year-old son Sean (Josh Hutcherson) comes for a visit and brings along his late father's notes about accessing the Earth's core. Eager for answers, Trevor jets to Iceland—with moody, PSP-playing teen in tow—and hires a sassy Scandinavian mountain guide, Hannah (Anita Briem).
After this somewhat-lengthy setup, the action starts coming at you fast, as the three adventurers get trapped inside a dormant volcano and fall—and fall and fall—through a portal to the core. The "world within the world" they discover is gorgeous but also deadly, so they have to escape, stat.
Will they find a way out? Will nephew and uncle bond? Will things heat up between the cool Icelandic babe and the geeky-beefy prof? Duh...Sure, the functional plot and characters are less dimensional than the layers of CGI F/X, but who cares when everyone, including you, is having so much fun?

Journey mixes chuckles—and even a few poignant beats—into all the thrills (Mine-shaft rides! Carnivorous plants! Sea serpents!). And with a breezy pace that's perfect for a summertime diversion, this crowd-pleaser wisely avoids the excesses of other lost-world flicks (looking at you, King Kong).


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Journey to the Center of the Earth


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