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Great Reads for the Summer - 2008
Whether it's on the Beach or on Vacation, check out these great reads to help you through the hot days ahead.

Ali Smith

Also available in Audiobook (Disc)
Psychological Fiction
Talking her way into the Norfolk cottage that the Smart family is renting for the summer, Amber, an enigmatic con artist, insinuates herself into the lives of Eve, her husband Michael, and their children.

Assassins Gallery
David L. Robbins

Also available in Audiobook (Disc & Cassette)
Alternative History, Suspense.
As World War II begins to draw to a close, a hired killer targets President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and only a professor whose specialty is the study of assassinations can stop her, but first he must get close to the president himself.

Beach Road
James Patterson

Also available in Audiobook (Disc & Cassette) & Large Print
Suspense Fiction, Legal Stories
Tom Dunleavy, a former professional basketball player and local East Hampton legend, is getting by as an underworked and unmotivated attorney. His sports glory days and his one true love are long in the past, but he gets second chances at personal and professional redemption when three locals are gunned down, apparently in the aftermath of racial tensions arising from a heated pickup game of hoops. The police seize on Dante Halleyville, the country's best high school star, as their suspect, and Dunleavy must dust off his old courtroom skills and enlist his lost love, Kate Costello, as his partner. –Publisher’s Weekly

Blue Dahlia
Nora Roberts

Also available in Audiobook (Disc) & Large Print
Domestic Fiction, Love Stories, Ghost Stories
Concerned only with raising her two young sons and perfecting her new job as manager for Roz Harper's thriving In the Garden nursery, the last thing widowed Stella Rothchild wants in her life is a man, especially one as obstinate and disorganized as sexy landscape architect Logan Kitridge. But Stella soon learns that some of the best things in life are unplanned. A pair of realistic, delightful children, a tormented ghost, and two unique women—who will, undoubtedly, have their own stories—add depth to this fast-paced romance that features a pair of beautifully matched protagonists—both of whom are used to calling the shots.-Library Journal

Killer Summer
Lynda Curnyn

Romantic Suspense Fiction
Zoe, Sage, and Nick have been best friends since high school, and 15 years later, their bond remains strong. The three are going to be sharing a summerhouse on Fire Island with Sage's boss, Tom Landon, and his wife, Maggie. Zoe is reeling from the shock of being dumped by her boyfriend, Myles, while Sage is just looking for a fun romp with a cute local boy or two. Nick is hoping to start his own record label with Maggie's help. Their plans for a fun summer are dashed when Zoe discovers Maggie's lifeless body on the beach. The police rule her death an accident, but Zoe can't escape the nagging suspicion that there's more to it. She starts to conduct her own investigation, not knowing she is endangering one of the people she cares about. Narrated in turns by Zoe, Sage, Nick, and the deceased Maggie, Curnyn's snazzy mystery will appeal to chick-lit fans who like a little suspense in their beach reads.
KristineHuntley. –Booklist

Laguna Heat
Parker T. Jefferson

Also available in Audiobook (Disc & Cassette)
A series of murders by fire plunges Laguna Beach's lone homicide detective, Tom Shephard, into the dark side of the California Riviera, a club of the town's wealthy first citizens, and reveals disturbing links to Shephard's own past. -Novelist

Last Run
Hilary Norman

Detective and Mystery Stories
Miami-Dade Detective Sam Becket—or, more accurately, members of his family—tackle the case of the killer whose victims are found dead on local beaches.

Last Summer (Of You and Me)
Ann Brashares 

Also available in Audiobook (Disc & Cassette)
Interpersonal relations, Friendship, Coming-of-age stories.
Sisters Alice and Riley reunite with their childhood friend, Paul, at the beach community where they spent summers growing up, but a blossoming romance between Alice and Paul, a serious illness, and a dark family secret force the trio to leave their innocence behind.

McNally’s Dare
Vincent Lardo
& Lawrence Sanders
Also available in Audiobook (Downloadable & Cassette) & Large Print
Private investigators-Florida- Fiction
In the wake of a murder during a tennis benefit, Archy McNally investigates Lance Talbot, whom he suspects may not be a true heir to a deceased Palm Beach dowager duchess and whose questionable relationships draw links to a double murder.

On Chesil Beach
Ian McEwan

Also available in Audiobook (Disc)
Man-Woman Relationships- Fiction
On their wedding day, a young couple--Florence, daughter of an Oxford academic and a successful businessman, and Edward, an earnest history student with little experience of women--looks forward to the future while worrying about their upcoming wedding night.

Pegasus Descending
James Lee Burke

Also available in Audiobook (Downloadable, Disc & Cassette) & Large Print
Police – Louisiana- Fiction
Twenty-five years after he failed to save a buddy's life in Opa-Locka, Fla., New Iberia Sheriff's Deputy Dave Robicheaux's own life is upended still again when the buddy's daughter blows into town.

Penguin who Knew Too Much
Donna Andrews

Zoo Keepers – Crimes Against – Fiction
Women Detectives – Fiction
Humorous Stories
While digging a pool in the basement for a flock of penguins from the bankrupt local zoo, Meg Langslow's father accidentally stumbles upon a body buried beneath the floor, sending Meg on a desperate quest to find a killer.

The Perfect Summer
Luanne Rice

Also available in Large Print
Domestic Fiction
Missing Children- Fiction
Friendship - Fiction
An idyllic summer at the shore is turned upside down for Bay McCabe and her children when her husband vanishes, causing Bay to reevaluate her life, personal relationships, friendships, and old love.

Queen of Babble
Meg Cabot

Also available in Audiobook (Disc & Cassette)
Young women – Fiction
Humorous Stories
Love Stories
First of the Series: Lizzie Nichols discovers that her inability to keep her mouth shut has landed her in hot water when she aggravates her unfaithful boyfriend, is stranded in London, and takes a job as a bartender for a catered wedding at a French chateau.

W.E.B. Griffin

Also available in Audiobook (Disc & Cassette) & Large Print
World War II – Secret Service - Fiction
A new OSS adventure finds the agents of Wild Bill Donovan fighting the Battle of the Atlantic on two fronts, a situation that is compromised by a possible saboteur.

Savannah Breeze
Mary Kay Andrews

Also available in Audiobook (Disc) & Large Print
Romantic Suspense Fiction
Swindlers and Swindling- Fiction
Savannah belle BeBe Loudermilk struggles to cope with the loss of everything following her relationship with Reddy, an investment "counselor" and conman, until she launches a campaign to retrieve her fortune and bring Reddy to justice.

Saving Graces
Patricia Gaffney

Also available in Audiobook (Disc & Cassette)
Female Friendship - Fiction
Formulaic but sprightly, Gaffney's debut is a variation on the theme of women's solidarity and bravery. Four friends in Washington, D.C., have been meeting once a week for 10 years, relying on each other for laughter, advice and encouragement. There's Emma, approaching 40 and in love with a married man named Mick; Rudy, the unstable depressive whose marriage is on the rocks; happily married Lee, who desperately wishes to have a child with her husband, Henry; and Isabel, the divorced cancer survivor who is in love with her neighbor, Kirby. They call themselves "The Saving Graces," after a dog they once hit with a car, rescued and nursed to recovery: now "she's old and grizzled like us... but she is the sweetest dog." Each chapter is told from the perspective of one of the Graces, and though Gaffney provides each character with a distinctive voice, the stories are overly emotional and predictable. –Publisher’s Weekly

South Beach: The Novel
Brian Antoni

Popular Culture – Fiction
Psychological Fiction
Brazen hedonism and celebrity mania are in full force when trust-fund vagabond Gabriel Tucker arrives to claim all that's left of his inheritance. Not only does he own the dilapidated Venus de Milo Arms, he also acquires its endearing, if damaged, tenants. There's Pandora, a mute rape-survivor transvestite; performance artist and cancer survivor Marina; gossip-columnist Skip, with full-blown AIDS; Mera, a Holocaust survivor and fairy-godmother bookie; and Jesus, a Cuban raft refugee turned fashion model. As they band together to help each other and save Venus de Milo Arms from the wrecking ball, Antoni, mischievously and triumphantly combines explicit sexual encounters with keen, hilarious social commentary and genuine compassion to create a love letter to a crazy place and a sweet tale of friendship, succor, and love. Seaman, Donna. -Booklist

Two Little Girls in Blue
Mary Higgins Clark 

Also available in Audiobook (Disc & Cassette) & Large Print
Suspense Fiction, Kidnapping – Fiction
Telepathy - Fiction
Traumatized by the kidnappings of her twin three-year-old girls, only one of whom was recovered, a mother begins a desperate search when her returned daughter claims that the other twin, believed dead, is still alive and in mortal danger.

Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits
Robin McKinley

Young Adult
Ocean – Mermen – Mermaids – Fiction
Short Stories
Collection of short stories about the ocean and it’s inhabitants.




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