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Grand Canyon: True Stories
Edited by Sean O'Reilly, James O'Reilly, and Larry Habegger.

Description: Though millions of people visit the Grand Canyon every year, few venture beyond its spectacular vistas. Through these stories, readers experience the deeper wonders of this magnificent world treasure. Join Barry Lopez, David Brower, Edward Abbey, Colin Fletcher, Page Stegner, Terry Tempest Williams, and more celebrated authors as they swim in hidden grottos under luminous waterfalls, raft the white water of the Colorado River, sleep under billion-year-old cliffs, face the terror of a flash flood, hike ancient Native American trails through astonishing side canyons, and stand alone in an immense solitude.
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A Kiss of Adventure (Christian Adventure)
By Catherine Palmer

Description: Desperate and on the run, Tillie Thornton finds herself in an uneasy partnership with Graeme McLeod, a daring adventurer who comes out of nowhere to thwart the plot of Tillie’s would-be kidnappers. Now these two must join forces against their common enemies, as well as the challenges of nature, as they embark on a quest that could bring them the answers they seek—or cost them everything.
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The Idiot Girls' Action Adventure Club
By Laurie Notaro

Description: Notaro, who writes a weekly humor column for the Arizona Republic, has collected some of those columns into her first book. Notaro is "everywoman" not quite pretty enough, not the popular one, not good at holding a job or a man. She tells her stories about public bathrooms and high school reunions with a wicked edge that keeps us laughing at her and, of course, at ourselves.
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The Atlantis Revelation (Archeologist, Suspense Adventure)
By Thomas Greanias

Also Available in: Large Print and Audio CD

Description: Beneath the city of God, A centuries-old secret awaits. And every power on earth wants it. The adventure begins with the wreckage of a sunken Nazi submarine and a shocking legacy of Hitler's quest for Atlantis. Archaeologist Conrad Yeats discovers in the ruins of the Third Reich the key to an ancient conspiracy that reaches the highest levels of every major government. Suddenly Yeats is plunged into a deadly race across the Mediterranean, hunted by the assassins of an international organization that will stop at nothing to ignite global Armageddon and revive an empire. And only Serena Serghetti, the beautiful Vatican linguist he loved and lost, can help him save the world from the Atlantis Revelation.
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Impact (Science Fiction)
By Douglas Preston

Also Available in: Large Print and Audio CD
Description: The U.S. president's science adviser asks former CIA operative Wyman Ford, to look into the sudden appearance of radioactive gemstones, in particular to identify the precise location of their origin in Cambodia. Meanwhile, college dropout and frustrated astronomer Abbey Straw, who believes she witnessed a meteor's fall, embarks on a search of small islands near her Maine home to locate pieces of the meteorite to sell on eBay. In California, soon-to-be murdered professor Jason Freeman sends Mark Corso, a Mars mission technician at the National Propulsion Facility, a classified hard drive with evidence of gamma rays emanating from the red planet.
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Arctic Drift (marine biologist, suspense)
By Clive Cussler

Also Available in: Large Print

Description: In 2011, as the price of gas hits $10 a gallon, President Garner Ward must contend with a corrupt Canadian cabal that's subverting efforts to solve America's energy problems. Dirk Pitt barely escapes serious injury when a bomb destroys a D.C. lab along with records of research into an artificial photosynthesis process that could, almost immediately, eliminate the threat of global warming. That discovery may be connected with a legendary failed 19th-century sailing expedition to the Arctic as well as a series of deaths due to the phenomena that the Native Americans of British Columbia know as "the Devil's Breath."
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Dirk Pitt Series

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The Dakota Cipher: An Ethan Gage Adventure
By William Dietrich

Also Available in: Audio Disc

Description: After meeting with President Thomas Jefferson, notorious daredevil and explorer, Ethan Gage sets off into the American wilderness, following an archaic map, to track down Thor's hammer, a powerful remnant from an early Norse settlement with the power to control the weather and lightning.

Book Review: Publisher’s Weekly-Fast, fun and full of surprises, Dietrich's rollicking third Ethan Gage escapade (after The Rosetta Key) takes the expatriate American diplomat and soldier-of-fortune home to investigate the Louisiana territory, preceding Lewis and Clark, for Napoleon, who claims it was secretly sold back to France. The tale twists and turns like a spitted serpent, but Dietrich shows his sure hand as a storyteller, leavening a tale rich in intrigue and impressive historic detail with abundant wit and humor. (Apr.) Copyright 2009 Reed Business Information.


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Countdown (Romantic suspense fiction)
By Michelle Maddox

Description: Years after a plague decimated the earth's population and everyone who could go to Offworld did, Kira and Rogan meet in a reality game called Countdown. Kira, a petty thief who has been on her own since she witnessed the slaying of her entire family in a home invasion, and Rogan, a former billionaire imprisoned for rape and mass murder, have been plucked from their lives, had implants surgically inserted in their brains, and become stars of a Survivor-like competition watched by the wealthy through implants in their own brains. The implants keep cameras and microphones tuned to them as well as being set to explode if they ever find themselves more than 90 feet apart. As part of the game, they are required to kill or be killed.
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Twenties Girl (Treasure Adventure)
By Sophie Kinsella

Also Available In: Audio Disc and Large Print

Description: When the spirit of Lara's great-aunt Sadie-a feisty, demanding girl with firm ideas about fashion, love, and the right way to dance-mysteriously appears, she has one last request: Lara must find a missing necklace that had been in Sadie's possession for more than seventy-five years, and Sadie cannot rest without it. Never mind that Lara has her own problems--which Sadie could care less about. Will this sparring duo ever find what they're after?
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Falling: How our Greatest Fear Became our Greatest Thrill-- A History By Garrett Soden

Description: Soden's study of the allure falling has in Western culture is fun, informative, provocative and filled with enthusiasm. According to Soden (Hook Spin Buzz), falling became a sensation in the 18th century when the stunts of "gravity performers" offered a form of mass entertainment; since then, our preoccupation has only grown. Soden's exploration of gravity heroes and antiheroes is encyclopedic, ranging from trapeze inventor Jules L‚otard to the great Wallendas and skateboarding legend Tony Hawke. Similarly, Soden's consideration of gravity sports extends widely and includes mountaineering, rock climbing, 19th-century high diving, surfing, bungee jumping, ESPN's X Games and roller coasters. On the darker side, he takes time to study the "siren call" to suicide of the Golden Gate Bridge. Some of the exploits described, especially those in mountaineering and rock climbing, are awe inspiring, demanding equal parts arrogance, foolishness, daring, fortitude, physical dexterity and courage.

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Backroads & Byways of Michigan: Drives, Day trips & Weekend Excursions
By Matt Forster

Description: Backroads & Byways of Michigan offers travelers a chance to get beyond the usual tourist destinations and to discover what the state has to offer along the way. Twelve carefully researched routes introduce readers to regions across the state, from southwest Michigan’s wine country to the U.P.’s Copper Country, from towns stocked with art galleries and boutique shops to fishing towns with tackle shops and canoe liveries. Sidebars highlight colorful characters and interesting historical details.

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The Greatest Adventure Stories Ever Told: 19 Gripping Tales
Edited by Lamar Underwood

Description: In the gripping tale "Love of Life," told as only Jack London could tell it, a starving prospector fights for life in the rugged Yukon; in "Typhoon," Joseph Conrad takes us out to sea where a lonely ship braves a brutal and massive storm; and in "Captured by the Blackfeet," Vardis Fisher tells the chilling tale of a mountain trapper who must escape his captors-or face certain death. These are just some of the spellbinding moments found in this collection of classic adventure tales. From Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier to Thor Heyerdahl crossing the Pacific by raft, every story in this collection will keep you on the edge of your seat. This anthology is filled with your favorite writers and some lesser-known gems-a perfect gift for any lover of exciting tales.




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