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Cool Reads For Warm Summer Nights July 2011

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Cool Cache: a Tucker Sinclair mystery (Detective and mystery stories) By: Patricia Smiley

Book Description: Death and chocolate in Beverly Hills sounds like a delicious way to die, but it's an unfortunate combo for Lupe Ortiz, a Latina cleaning lady. Tucker, a marketing expert, finds Lupe's body in the bathroom of Nectar, a new gourmet chocolate shop owned by a client of Tucker's. A quetzal feather left by the corpse, a signature of the MayaBoyz, points to Lupe's son Roberto, who belongs to the East L.A. gang, as the prime suspect. Doubtful of Roberto's guilt, Tucker asks her PI friend, Charley Tate, to investigate. Her overeager assistant, Eugene Barstok, also gets involved, but causes dismay when he disappears while undercover.

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Ice cold: a Rizzoli & Isles novel (Suspense)
By : Tess Gerritsen
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Book Description: Boston homicide detective Jane Rizzoli receives the grim news that Maura's charred body has been found in a mountain ravine. Shocked and grieving, Jane is determined to learn what happened to her friend. The investigation plunges Jane into the twisted history of Kingdom Come, Wyoming, where a gruesome discovery lies buried beneath the snow.

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Cool Beans: a Maya Davis novel (Romantic Fiction, Christian)
By: Erynn Mangum

Book Description: Everything seems to be going perfectly for Maya Davis: She has a great job at a coffee shop, gets along with her parents, and is happily single. That is until her best friend starts dating Maya’s high school sweetheart.

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A Cold Summer Night (Science Fiction)
By: Trystam Kith (also know as Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)

Book Description: Deep in the forest, trouble is brewing. No one is safe in the thick, dark forest - no peasant, monk, minstrel, merchant, traveler, forester, or King's man may go into the forest without taking his life and his soul in his hands. Those who dare the deep green are found dead soon after, or worse - disappear. Only former Crusader Hugh deSteny is prepared to lead the fight against the bloodthirsty denizens of the forest, and he knows that the enemy he faces could damn him eternally if he loses the battle. Armed with precious knowledge, deSteny must undertake the fight of his life to preserve the forest and all who live within it from certain catastrophe - and a fearsome enemy the likes of which none have ever faced before.

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The Cool Woman (Historical Fiction)
By: John Aubrey Anderson

Book Description: In 1972, Mann is in Vietnam, flying his aircraft, The Cool Woman, in combat environs that have been called the most hazardous in air warfare history. He remains confident and considers himself "the envied of the envied" until the moment his beautiful wife says she wants a divorce, and the downward spiral of Mann’s life and his survival odds begin.

The Cold Room (Suspense)
By: J.T. Ellison

Book Description: Taylor Jackson finds a serial killer murdering young women in both the United States and Europe. Such an international crime brings New Scotland Yard Detective/profiler James "Memphis" Highsmythe into the investigation, causing an unexpected hitch in homicide detective Jackson's romantic involvement with fiancee FBI profiler Dr. John Baldwin. But personal feelings or no, the trio must pool their resources to find the serial killer known as the Conductor in the United States and Il Macellaio across the Atlantic, before he can strike again.

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Of Course You’re Still Cool, Honey
By: Dan Consiglio

Book Description: In a relationship, it's all about the give and take. He gives you plenty of opportunities to make fun of his embarrassing behavior and you take the high road--choosing a little white lie over raining on his socks-with-sandals parade. It's touching, really. It's true. You'd do anything for your modern-day Superman . . . whether it's cheering on his fantasy baseball team or complimenting his so-al-dente-it-crunches pasta. And when he's having a bad day, you're there to hug him, shower him with praise, and remind him that yes, Of Course You're Still Cool, Honey.

Losing our cool : uncomfortable truths about our air-conditioned world (and finding new ways to get through the summer) By: Stan Cox

Summary: The author argues that by reintroducing traditional cooling methods as well as putting newer technologies into practice--and by moving past industrial definitions of comfort--we can make ourselves comfortable and keep the planet comfortable, too.

Book Review

The Birth (and Death) of Cool
By Ted Gioia

Book Description: Cool is dead. For those of us who missed the funeral, Ted Gioia offers a probing eulogy, reminding us of the cool we once knew-that intangible tangle of image and irony, artifice and fashion.

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A Cold Day In Paradise (Mystery)
By: Steve Hamilton
Also AvailableElectronic Download

Book Description: Other than the bullet lodged less than a centimeter from his heart, former Detroit police officer Alex McKnight thought he had put the nightmare of his partner's death and his own near-fatal injury behind him. After all, Maximilian Rose, convicted of the crimes, has been locked in the state pen for years. But in the small town of Paradise, Michigan, a murderer with Rose's unmistakable trademarks appears to be back to his killing ways.

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: Alex McKnight mystery


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