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50 Essential Michigan History Books 2008:

The Women's Great Lakes Reader
Brehm, Victoria
977.03 Women's
Rites of Conquest : The History and Culture of Michigan's Native Americans
Cleland, Charles
MI/CIRC 977.4 Cleland
Frontier Metropolis: Picturing Early Detroit, 1701-1838
Dunnigan, Brian
MI/CIRC 977.434 Dunniga
Buildings of Michigan
Eckert, Kathryn
MI 720.9774 Eckert
Expanding the frontiers of civil rights: Michigan, 1948-1968
Fine, Sidney
MI 342.774085 Fine
Retrieving Michigan's Buried Past : The Archaeology of the Great Lakes State
Halsey, John
MI 977.401 Retriev
The Northern Lights: Lighthouses of the Upper Great Lakes
Hyde, Charles
MI/CIRC 623.8942 Hyde
Lewis Cass and the Politics of Moderation
Klunder, Willard
MI/CIRC 977.403092 Cass
Rumrunning and the Roaring Twenties: Prohibition on the Michigan-Ontario Waterway
Mason, Philip
MI/CIRC 364.133 Mason       
Pontiac and the Indian Uprising
Peckham, Howard
B 973.27092 Pontiac
The Origins of the Urban Crisis: Race and Inequality in Postwar Detroit
Sugrue, Thomas
MI 305.8009774 Sugrue
This is Detroit, 1701-2001
Woodford, Arthur
MI/CIRC 977.434 Woodfor
At the Crossroads: Michilimackinac During the American Revolution
Armour, David
MI 973.33 Arm


Fishing the Great Lakes : An Environmental History, 1783-1933
Bogue, Margaret
MI 333.95613 Bogue
The Old Northwest Pioneer Period 1815-1840
Buley, R. Carlyl
MI/CIRC 977 Buley 2

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Cornflake Crusade
Carson, Gerald

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Waiting for the Morning Train: An American Boyhood
Catton, Bruce

People of the Three Fires : the Ottawa, Potawatomi and Ojibway of Michigan
Clifton, James
970.00497 Clifton
MI/CIRC 970.00497 Clifton
State of War : Michigan in World War II
Clive, Alan
MI 977.404 Cli
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Race and Uneven Development
Darden, Joe

All Aboard! A History of Railroads in Michigan
Dunbar, Willis
MI 385.09774 Du
Michigan: A History of the Wolverine State
Dunbar, Willis
MI/CIRC 977.4 Du
Frank Murphy
Fine, Sidney
MI 921 Mur 2
Sit-Down: The General Motors Strike of 1936-1937
Fine, Sidney

331.8928 Fine
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Violence in the Model City: The Cavanagh Administration, Race Relations, and the Detroit Riot of 1967
Fine, Sidney

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The Birth of Mass Political Parties in Michigan, 1827-1861
Formisano, Ronald

The Territory of Michigan (1805-1837)
Gilpin, Alec
MI 977.4 Gi
The War of 1812 in the Old Northwest
Gilpin, Alec          
MI 973.52 Gilpin
The Yankee West : Community Life on the Michigan Frontier
Gray, Susan
MI 977.404 Gray
Reform in Detroit: Hazen S. Pingree and Urban Politics
Holli, Melvin
MI/CIRC 320.9774 Ho
Eighty Acres: Elegy for a Family Farm
Jager, Ronald
977.466 Jager
Deep Woods Frontier: A History of Logging in Northern Michigan
Karamanski, Theodore
MI 634.982 Karaman
Before the Ghetto: Black Detroit in the Nineteenth Century
Katzman, David
MI/CIRC 301.451 Ka
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The Making of Michigan, 1820-1860: A Pioneer Anthology
Kestenbaum, Justin
Michigan's Lumbertowns: Lumbermen and Laborers in Saginaw, Bay City, and Muskegon, 1870-1905
Kilar, Jeremy
330.9774 Kilar
Cradle to Grave: Life, Work, and Death at the Lake Superior Copper Mines
Lankton, Larry D
MI 338.2743 Lankton
The Public Image of Henry Ford: An American Folk Hero and His Company
Lewis, David
MI 338.76292 Ford
The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit : Walter Reuther and the Fate of American Labor
Lichtenstein, Nelson
B 331.881292 Reuther
A Most Unique Machine: The Michigan Origins of the American Automobile Industry
May, George
MI/CIRC 338.476 Ma
Nevins, Allan           
B 338.76292 Ford
Michigan Place Names: The History of the Founding and the Naming of More Than Five Thousand Past and Present Michigan Communities
Romig, Walter
MI REF 917.74 Romig
  Atlas of Great Lakes Indian History
Tanner, Helen
MI/CIRC 977 At
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Life for Us Is What We Make It: Building Black Community in Detroit, 1915-1945
Thomas, Richard
  Steamboats & Sailors of the Great Lakes
Thompson, Mark
MI 386.22436 Thompso
  Strangers and Sojourners: A History of Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula
Thurner, Arthur
MI 977.499 Thurner
  Settling the Great Lakes Frontier: Immigration to Michigan, 1837-1924
Vander Hill, C. Warren
MI/CIRC 977.4 Va
  For Faith and Fortune: The Education of Catholic Immigrants in Detroit, 1805-1925
Vinyard, JoEllen
MI/CIRC 371.829 Vinyard
  Stewards of the State: The Governors of Michigan / by George Weeks
Weeks, George
MI 353.9131 Weeks 1991
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The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650-1815
White, Richard
  The Changing Face of Inequality: Urbanization, Industrial Development, and Immigrants in Detroit, 1880-1920
Zunz, Olivier
MI 307.7640977 Zunz




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