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Made Of and By Native Americans
November 2009

November is National American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month

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The Shape Shifter (Detective Mystery)
By:  Tony Hillerman
Also Available in: Audio Disc, Audio Cassette and Large Print

Book Description: A picture cut from a glossy magazine, Luxury Living, draws retired Navajo tribal policeman Lt. Joe Leaphorn into a hunt for a soulless killer in bestseller Hillerman's enthralling 18th Leaphorn/Chee whodunit .
Book Review
Read Exerpt for more on Tony Hillerman’s Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee novels

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Set Me Free (fathers and daughters)
By: Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

Book Description: A tragic accident at his progressive school for Native American children in Oregon that leaves headmaster Elliot Barrow in a coma reunites the friends and family of the victim, as well as some strangers whose presence reveals shattering secrets from the past.

Book Review

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Copper River (Private Investigator Mystery)
By: William Kent Krueger
Also Available In: Downloadable Audio

Book Description:  The sixth Cork O'Connor mystery finds the Minnesota sheriff on the run from hired killers. With a bullet wound in his leg, he makes it to the small town of Bodine, MI; where he hides out with his cousin. But Cork's convalescence is cut short by a murderous child-runaway conspiracy, not to mention his cousin's teenage son, who's so desperate for a father figure that he thinks Cork would be a likely candidate.

Cork O'Connor mystery series
Book Review

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Blue Moon (Supernatural fiction)
By Lori Handeland

Book Description: When the wolf population of Miniwa, Wisconsin begins to stalk human prey, officer Jessie McQuade enlists professor Will Cadotte, a native American activist, to help in her investigation.
Werewolf Trilogy Series
Book Review

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Whisper to the Blood: A Kate Shugak mystery (Women PI’s)
By Dana Stabenow
Also Available in: Audio Disc

Book Description: Feisty, independent Kate Shugak faces challenges on various fronts, starting at home with her 16-year-old foster son, Johnny Morgan, and her Alaska state trooper boyfriend, Jim Chopin. In a national park known as "the Park," whose "backbone, its moral center, its royalty" are "the four aunties" (all widows), a Canadian mining firm, Global Harvest Resources Inc., is planning a massive operation that will affect every park resident. Meanwhile, a lot of folks are taking the law into their own hands and a series of brutal snow machine robberies raises the stakes.


All the Beautiful Sinners (Suspense)
By Stephen Graham Jones

Book Description: The Tin Man enters Indian homes during tornadoes, always kidnapping a pair of children-a brother and sister-bringing to life an old Indian belief that storms sometimes take a malicious human form. As he tracks the Tin Man along dusty Texas highways and small towns across the country, Deputy Sheriff Jim Doe, who is also Indian, must face his own troubled family history, which includes a mother who abandoned his family and a sister who has been missing for nearly 20 years.

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The People of the Whale (Historical Fiction)
By Linda Hogan.

Book Description : Raised in a remote seaside village, Thomas Witka Just marries Ruth, his beloved since infancy. But an ill-fated decision to fight in Vietnam changes his life forever. Cut off from his Native American community, he fathers a child with another woman. When he returns home a hero, he finds his tribe in conflict over the decision to hunt a whale, both a symbol of spirituality and rebirth and a means of survival. In the end, he reconciles his two existences, only to see tragedy befall the son he left behind.

The Death of Jim Loney (Classic Contemporary Fiction)
By James Welch
Book Description: Jim Loney is a mixed-blood, of white and Indian parentage. Estranged from both communities, he lives a solitary, brooding existence in a small Montana town. His nights are filled with disturbing dreams that haunt his waking hours. Rhea, his lover, cannot console him; Kate, his sister, cannot penetrate his world.

Book Review

The Cherokee Dragon: A Novel of the Real People (Historical Fiction)
By Robert Conley

Book Description: Surviving smallpox as an infant and named, at age 11, when he tries to drag a war canoe into the river to join his father's war party, Dragging Canoe grows to manhood amid the turmoil of the American Revolution as the English, French and American colonists take every opportunity to exploit the Cherokee by making and breaking duplicitous treaties. From his teen years on, Dragging Canoe spends his life fighting to stop the British and Americans from violently reneging on their solemn pledges not to steal his ancestors' lands. After the 1730 Articles of Agreement, the narrative chronicles treaty after treaty, infamy upon infamy and battle after battle, through the heartbreaking dissolution of the proud Cherokee nation.


Frozen Sun (Mystery)
By Stan Jones
Book Description: In a gritty, relentless journey ranging from life in a small village to the Anchorage tenderloin, detective trooper Nathan Active makes his third appearance (earlier appearance may be found in Shaman Pass and White Sky, Black Ice ). Following a missing Native American beauty queen into the darkest side of Alaska's subculture, Nathan's brutal epiphany reveals more than he would ever wish to discover about himself as well as the path to oblivion.


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