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Political Thrillers
November 2008

Have Your Cake And Kill Him Too
Martin, Nancy
Book Description: Heiress Nora Blackbird and her two sisters, Libby and Emma, investigate a case of murder among the aristocracy that is tied to a popular sports bar, political intrigue, and a blue-blooded brat with a thirst for fame and fortune.
Book Review: Publishers Weekly
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Bennett, Ronan
Book Description: As the murder of a respected newspaper editor shocks 1914 St. Petersburg, psychoanalyst Dr. Otto Spethmann, his young daughter, and his patients find themselves pawns in a nightmarish game of political intrigue.

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Book Review: Publishers Weekly
Eyes of the World
Palmer, Rob
Book Description: As the first female president of the United States, Carolyn Connor is under constant intense scrutiny. If anyone discovers that her childhood friend Mike Stanbridge has become her lover, not just her marriage but her career could be ruined by the scandal.
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Capitol Conspiracy
Bernhardt, William
Book Description: During a ten-year memorial for the Oklahoma City bombing, a terrorist attack kills the First Lady, prompting the president to call for contitutional reforms that will compromise civil liberties, and the suspicious wife of a renegade senator launches an investigation.
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Book Review: Publishers Weekly

Final Winter
Dubois, Brendan
Book Description: After 9/11 the US Government vowed that any similar attack on American soil would be thwarted, and the newly created Homeland Security knew that the only way to achieve this end was to have the very best intelligence.
Book Review: Publishers Weekly
Author Notes
America the Beautiful
Hayden, Laura
Book Description: Emily Benton wants to be the first woman president of the United States of America. She has the pedigree, the talent, and the will to succeed as a candidate. And she’ll stop at nothing—absolutely nothing—to achieve her goal.
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Book Review: Romantic Times BookClub Magazine
Dead Heat
Rosenberg, Joel C.
Alternate Formats: Large Print, Audio Disc, Audio Cassette
Book Description: In the wake of a horrific war in the Middle East, the president's second term is ending and the battle to succeed him is heating up into one of the most fiercely contested presidential elections in American history--and Jon and Erin Bennett realize the stakes could not be higher.
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Book Review: Booklist Review
Hidden Moon : An Inspector O Novel
Church, James
Book Description: Inspector O returns from a mission abroad, only to find himself investigating a bank robbery, the first ever in Pyongyang, in a case that is complicated by a host of suspects, all with their own agendas, and high-level political intrigue.
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Book Review: Publishers Weekly
Other Inspector O Novels
Inner Sanctum
Frey, Stephen
Alternate Formats: Large Print and Downloadable Audiobook
Book Description: Jesse's boss dies suddenly during the investigation of a high profile candidate for the Senate, whose connections to the military's industry run far deeper than he has acknowledged. When Jesse uncovers evidence to confirm her suspicions she begins to attract unwelcome attention.
Book Review: Publishers Weekly
Author Notes
10 Lb Penalty
Francis, Dick
Alternate Formats: Large Print, Audio Disc, Downloadable Audiobook
Book Description: At nearly 18, easy-going Benedict Juliard has no stronger ambition than to ride in steeplechases as an amateur jockey. His father, George, driven towards a life of public service asks his son to enter into a pact that neither of them will commit any act that could destroy the father’s growing reputation and career.
Book Review: Publishers Weekly
Author Notes

Absolute Power
Baldacci, David
Book Description: Trapped behind a two-way mirror in a country house in Maryland Luther Whitney, a professional burglar, witnesses an event that destroys his faith in justice forever. A vicious murder - involving the US President.
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Book Review: Publishers Weekly
Author Notes
Chain of Command
Weinberger, Caspar W
Book Description: When Secret Service Special Agent Michael Delaney, a longtime member of the presidential security detail, awakes blearily one morning at Camp David, he discovers that someone's swapped guns with him—and within minutes, the president and vice president are shot with Delaney's own Beretta.
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