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Women's History Month 2007

1001 Things Everyone Should Know About Women's History, Jones, Constance
REF 305.409 Jones
1998 - 1001 THINGS EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT WOMEN'S HISTORY puts history at your fingertips--in pithy, easily read mini-essays, lavishly illustrated with one hundred photographs. Like all the 1001 books, it can be read from beginning to end or opened at random and browsed without confusion. This is history the way it should be taught: concise, fun, and accessible.
19th Century Girls & Women, Kalman, Bobbie
J 305.40973 Kalman
1997 - Describes various aspects of the lives of women and girls during the nineteenth century, including their lack of educational opportunities, restrictive clothing, pastimes, courtship and marriage, and limited employment prospects.
33 Things Every Girl Should Know About Women's History: From Suffragettes To Skirt Lengths To The E.R.A., Bolden, Tonya
J 305.40973 Thirty
2002 - Here's the perfect book for anyone interested in learning more about girls and women in the United States from the 18th century to the present. Featuring contributions from a wide variety of women, including well-known nonfiction writers, a children's librarian, historians, and many more, this latest addition to the 33 Things series provides an engaging, inspiring, informative look at the role women have played in shaping American history.
Amy Unbounded: Belondweg Blossoming, Hartman, Rachel
741.5973 Hartman  2002 - Belondweg Blossoming follows the lives of Amy and her neighbor Bran Ducanahan the summer they turn ten. Amy has begun reading the national epic, Belondweg, about a semi-mythical queen of the same name who united Goredd and saved her people from invaders. Amy only wishes her own life were half as exciting. But how is life supposed to live up to literature when your mother is a semi-domesticated barbarian, all the knights you know are banished, and the only dragon you have ever met is a geeky grad student?
As I Saw It: Women Who Lived The American Adventure, Hoople, Cheryl G.
J 973 Hoo 1978 - Presents excerpts from the diaries, letters, and journals of American women which provide glimpses of United States history and social conditions from 1600 to 1900.
Daughters of Danaus, Caird, Mona
FIC Caird
1989 - This brilliantly witty novel (1894) follows the lives of two sisters in a wealthy Scots family. One escapes to a profession in London and eventually a decent marriage while the heroine, Hadria, vows to become a composer in Paris, but is thwarted. The novel reveals the power of marriage and the family hold in controlling the lives of talented, spirited women; but unlike other oppressed heroines of the period, Hadria and her feminism both survive. The books includes a trailblazing essay on marriage published by Caird, a visionary novelist and social critic.
Eighteenth-Century Woman, Bernier, Oliver
305.409 Ber 1981 - Brief biographies of 14 fascinating women from the Eighteenth Century. These were women such as Abigail Adams, Rose Bertin, Vigee-Lebrun and Madame Pompadour who were women of their time and yet, in many ways, curiously modern. Some defied convention, some worked within it, but all were unique personalities.
Encyclopedia Of Women In The Ancient World, Salisbury, Joyce E.
REF 305.4090103 Salisbu
2001 - An extensive and fascinating collection of stories featuring both famous and everyday women, giving a well-rounded view of the lives of women in the ancient world.
Girls Are Equal Too: How to Survive: For Teenage Girls, Carlson, Dale
J 305.42 Carlson
1998 - Explains the history of the feminist movement, and explores the ways in which girls can free themselves from their traditional sex roles.
Growing Up Female In America; Ten Lives, Merriam, Eve
920.7ME 1971 - Contents Eliza Southgate (1783-1809): schoolgirl.--Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902): founder of the women's suffrage movement.--Maria Mitchell (1818-1889): astronomer.--Mary Ann Webster Loughborough (1836-1887): wife of a Confederate officer.--Arvazine Angeline Cooper (1845-1929): pioneer across the plains.--Dr. Anna Howard Shaw (1847-1919): minister and doctor.--Susie King Taylor (1848-1912): born a slave.--"Mother" Mary Jones (1830-1930): labor organizer.--Elizabeth Gertrude Stern (1890-1954): in the Jewish ghetto.--Mountain Wolf Woman (1884-1960): Winnebago Indian.--Attic.--Bibliography (p. 23)
Herstory: Women Who Changed The World, Ohrn, Deborah Gore, Ashby, Ruth
920.72 Herstor
1995 - Women have long have been portrayed as sitting on the sidelines of history. Now 150 biographic sketches shed new light on such familiar figures as the Bronte sisters and Clara Barton, while revealing the rarely studied yet remarkable achievements of women warriors. Historical essays place these women in the context of their times, while sidebars highlight women's wit, wisdom, and inventions on all frontiers, from science to fashion.
Hidden Heroines: Women in American History, Landau, Elaine
301.412 La 1975 - Discusses the role of women in the United States as they helped to build the colonies, settle the frontier, and defend their country and then struggled to possess the fundamental rights of citizens.
History Of The Wife, Yalom, Marilyn
306.872 Yalom
2001 - Provocative and comprehensive, this study of how marriage has affected the lives of women from the earliest days of civilization to the 21st century uses the modern marriage as a focal point. Yalom charts the evolution of this institution in the Judeo-Christian world and discusses the role it will play in the future.
History Of Women In The West, Georges Duby, Michelle Perrot
305.4094 History
1994 - Informed by the work of seventy-five distinguished historians, this five-volume series sets before us an engaging, panoramic chronicle that extends from antiquity to the present day
Limits of Independence: American Women, 1760-1800, Salmon, Marlynn
J 305.40973 Salmon
1994 - Written by distinguished American historians, each of these 11 diverse volumes describes women of varying ethnic backgrounds and economic circumstances. The authors make extensive use of primary sources, the books are profusely illustrated, and each includes a complete chronology, suggestions for further reading, and index.
Medieval Women, Power, Eileen Edna
301.412 Pow 1975 - A vivid account of the everyday life of the lady, the townswoman, the peasant & the nun in the Middle Ages. Heavily illustrated with drawings from contemporary manuscripts & works of art.
Multicultural Portrait Of The American Revolution, Zell, Fran
J 973.31 Zell 1996 - Describes the history of the American Revolution, focusing on the lives of Afro-Americans, Native Americans, and women.
New York Public Library Amazing Women In American History: A Book Of Answers For Kids, Heinemann, Sue
J 973.082 Heinema
1998 - Consists of short answers to questions about the roles and achievements of women in America from prehistory to the end of the twentieth century.
Priscilla Foster: The Story Of A Salem Girl, Hoobler, Dorothy
J Hoobler
1997 - Hannah hears Granny Priss recount her involvement in the Salem witch trials of 1692 and the terrible consequences that occurred when Granny Priss, as a young girl, joined Ann Putnam in accusing many innocent women of being witches.
Room Of One's Own, Woolf, Virginia
301.412 Woo 1929, 1989 - In A Room of One's Own, Virginia Woolf imagines that Shakespeare had a sister: a sister equal to Shakespeare in talent, equal in genius, but whose legacy is radically different. This imaginary woman never writes a word and dies by her own hand, her genius unexpressed. But had she been allowed to create, urges Woolf, she would have reached the same heights as her immortal sibling. In this essay, Virginia Woolf takes on the establishment, using her gift of language to dissect the world around her and give a voice to those who have none. Her message is simple: A woman must have an income and a room of her own in order to have the freedom to create."
Scholastic Encyclopedia Of Women In The United States, Keenan, Sheila
JREF/CIRC 305.40973 Keenan 1996 - Brief illustrated articles profile significant women in American history, including Abigail Adams, Molly Pitcher, and Nellie Bly.
Summer of Dreams: The Story of A World's Fair Girl, Hoobler, Dorothy
J Hoobler
1993 - In 1893 while working at the Chicago World's Fair, a young Italian-American girl meets two prominent women, Mrs. Potter Palmer and Jane Addams, and learns about the achievements of other women throughout history.
Underside Of History: A View of Women Through Time, Boulding, Elise
301.412 Bo 1976 - The Underside of History offers a new generation of scholars and students an alternative to the traditional courtesans/queens/mothers/and mistresses view of women in history. This classic in feminist literature provides an account of women's creativity in every age from pre-history to the present, and attempts to view women's roles in the context of the total time span of human experience. In clear and elegant prose, the author takes us on a breathtaking tour through time. New to this volume is a look at the 20th century women's movement--including a chapter on Third World women--as well as a provocative epilogue entitled "Creating Futures for the 21st Century." "It is a classic, in all meanings of the word. This book contains a lot of important information and shows us how to re-vision history and historical data. --Elizabeth Moen, University of Colorado, Boulder "Its presentation of this 'forgotten' history is irreplaceable. This book is a treasure house of detail and stories which should not be lost." --Joanna Macy "No other book that I know of covers so much. This book ranges from prehistory right up to the present. . . .It therefore becomes not only a text, but a useful reference work as well." --Carol Farley Kessler, Pennsylvania State University, Delaware
Uppity Women Of Medieval Times, Leon, Vicki
305.40902 Leon
1997 - The author of "Uppity Women of Ancient Times" makes history sizzle once again with insightful and witty portraits and accounts of women, notorious, courageous, and unusual who both defined and defied their times. Exceptionally researched and irresistibly entertaining, "Uppity Women of Medieval Times" gives readers a feminist--and humorous--perspective on little-known great women of history. NPR underwriting in San Francisco & New York.
Uppity Women Of The New World, Leon, Vicki
B 305.409 Leon
2001 - Men weren't the only explorers between the early 1500s and 1800s. This book recounts the adventures of more than 200 of history's forgotten female pioneers, including France's Jeanne Baret, the first person to circumnavigate the globe. 40 illustrations.
Warrior Women: An Archaeologist's Search For History's Hidden Heroines, Davis-Kimball, Jeannine
305.40901 Davis-K
2002 - Intrepid archaeologist Jeannine Davis-Kimball travels from exotic excavations on the wild Eurasian steppes to mysterious tombs deep in Mongolia to rune-covered burial mounds in Northern Ireland in search of the truth about history's most powerful women... After raising six children and working as a nurse in Idaho and a cattle rancher in South America, Dr. Jeannine Davis-Kimball was drawn to exploring the worlds of the past. She became fascinated by ancient artifacts from the burial mounds in Eurasia, the deserts of western China, and the Black Sea islands where legend places the Amazon tribes.
Whole Woman, Greer, Germaine
305.4209 Greer
1999 - Thirty years after The Female Eunuch galvanized the women's liberation movement, Germaine Greer launches a fiery sequel assessing the state of womanhood and proclaiming that the time has come to get angry again. With passionate rhetoric, unique authority, and outrageous humor, The Whole Woman reveals how women have been sideswiped and sidetracked in the quest for liberation, duped into settling for an ersatz equality. Greer argues that women have come a long way in the past three decades, but that innumerable forms of insidious discrimination and exploitation persist in every area of life--from the care of the body to the care of the household, from the workplace to the marketplace. She startles us with her demonstration that the oft-repeated claim that "women can have it all" is merely a pacifying illusion--that things are getting worse, and that action is necessary now. The Whole Woman is a shattering critique of the complacency and denial that have replaced feminist determination and militancy, and of a society that has done little to maintain the momentum for change. It is also a call to arms--forceful and impossible to ignore.
Women And Girls In The Middle Ages, Eastwood, Kay
J 305.40902 Eastwoo
2004 - Describes the roles and duties of women and girls of all social classes during the Middle Ages, looking at such areas as medieval dress and beauty, women's rights, and women of power in Europe and other lands.
Women In 19th Century America, Macdonald, Fiona
J 305.40973 Macdona
1999 - Examines the everyday life of women in the United States during the 1800s, contrasting society's ideal view of women with their real lives.
Women In Medieval Times, Macdonald, Fiona
J 305.40902 Macdona
2000 - Examines the status and conditions of women in medieval European society, discussing such topics as marriage and family life, clothing, domestic duties, and much more.
Women In The Middle Ages, Gies, Frances
 301.412 Gie
1978, 1992-Correcting the omissions of traditional history, this is "a reliable survey of the real and varied roles played by women in the medieval period.
Woman In The Nineteenth Century: An Authoritative Text, Backgrounds, Criticism, Fuller, Margaret
305.409034 Fuller
1998 - Each Norton Critical Edition includes an authoritative text, contextual and source materials, and a wide range of interpretations-from contemporary perspectives to the most current critical theory-as well as a bibliography and, in most cases, a chronology of the author's life and work. Photos.
Women Who Changed The World: Fifty Inspirational Women Who Shaped History, Smith Davies
B 920.72 Women
2006 - Progressing through history, from Cleopatra and Mary Magdalene to Madonna and Diana, Princess of Wales, each of these exceptional women's stories is told against the backdrop of the events of their time. For each, we learn of their achievements, backgrounds, characters and little-known details that make them ever more remarkable.
Women's World: A Timeline Of Women In History, Franck, Irene M.
305.409 Franck 1995 - The stories of both famous and little-known women in politics, medicine, science, sports, the arts, education, and everyday life around the world. Arranged chronologically, from the earliest writer known--male or female (she was Enheduanna, an Assyrian princess and poet) to outstanding women today (such as U.S. poet laureate Rita Dove). Because women have been ignored by historians for so long, it seemed women had no history. Many of the women whose lives are detailed here were major figures in their own times, while others became known only to later generations. Includes illustrations, quotations, and excerpts from notable documents in women's history.



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