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Genre: Fiction

Horror and Supernatural Fiction
Key Authors:

Joe Hill


Joe Hill writes novels, short stories, and graphic novels. His work features extremely flawed but genuinely likable protagonists who are forced to confront their dark sides as they battle evil. A Hill tale also sets the stage with a menacing atmosphere from the first lines. Readers are also drawn to Joe Hill because he mines their modern lives for fear. Hill captivates readers with this ability to use the best of the time-tested horror traditions while injecting a shot of the new to keep things freshly frightening. The results are realistically chilling. Start with Heart-Shaped Box.

Dean Koontz


Dean R. Koontz novels blend elements of many genres, combining Suspense with Horror, Fantasy, and Thrillers, to create a menacing atmosphere and nightmarish tone. His stories often explore the battle between good and evil. victorious. Koontz's like-able protagonists may have paranormal abilities or are somehow haunted by events they do not understand. These unsettling stories are often filled with explicit violence and strong language. Start with: Watchers.

Charlaine Harris


Charlaine Harris writes several Mystery series. The Sookie Stackhouse novels are best known, but all the series feature believable female protagonists, often living in vividly portrayed small Southern towns. These Mysteries range from cozy to paranormal, but none is truly dark or disturbing, so readers may enjoy all the series equally. Sookie Stackhouse, lead character in Harris's vampire series, inspired a popular television series. Start with: Dead until Dark.

Stephen King


 Stephen King is credited with single-handedly creating the modern Horror genre. His discovery of the horrific in the ordinary has shown that Horror can be interesting and intellectually stimulating. King has written almost 40 Horror novels and short stories, as well as a handful of dark Fantasy and Psychological Suspense novels.Try one of his classics such as The Stand.

Ramsey Cambell


Widely considered Britain's greatest living horror writer, Ramsey Campbell writes frightening, complex, and psychologically exhausting horror. Campbell does not shy aware from violent descriptions, but his use of interesting frames, often including historical details, helps to lessen the blow from his visceral imagery. These are stories that will make readers squirm, and they love every minute of it. Start with Nazareth Hill.

Titles to Try:

A Dark Matter- Peter Straub

Bet Me.jpeg

Old friends try to come to grips with the darkness of the past--a secret ritual that left behind a gruesomely dismembered body--and find themselves face-to-face with the evil they helped create.

Bitten- Kelley Armstrong

Born in Fire.jpeg

Elena is the only female werewolf in the world. Betrayed her former lover, who bit her while in his werewolf form, she is now resigned to a life of secret changes while attempting to remain in human society. When the Pack Alpha calls her to help rout a band of murderous "mutts" (werewolves not affiliated with the Pack), Elena reluctantly becomes the animal she has fought so long to suppress.

Coldheart Canyon- Clive Barker

16 lighthouse.jpeg

When a Hollywood star hides while his plastic surgery scars heal, the president of his fan club comes looking for him, only to run into creatures fighting for his soul.

Moon Called  - Patricia Briggs

summer affair.jpeg

While trying to live a so-called normal existence, mechanic Mercy Thompson, a shapeshifter raised by werewolves, gets into trouble with the gremlins, witches, and vampires with whom she deals on a daily basis.

The Regulators  – Richard Bachman
summer affair.jpeg

A red van rolls and a company of futuristic shock troopers transforms a quiet suburb into a desert hell. At the same time a little boy and with psychokinetic powers terrorizes his family.

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International Horror Guild

Information on award winning books and authors.  

Horror and Supernatural Fiction Newsletters- If you are interested in receiving Horror or Supernatural news directly in your email inbox, sign up for one of the following newsletters.

Dark Whispers

A newsletter from the Horror Writers Association features information on new releases and reviews.

Horror and Supernatural Fiction Awards- for more information on award winners, visit the MCLS Book Awards Page (coming soon).

Bram Stoker Award

The Bram Stoker award, named after Dracula writer, Bram Stoker, is presented annually by the Horror Writers Association for superior achievement in horror novels.  

International Horror Guild Award

The International Horror Guild award was created in 1995 to honor outstanding achievements in horror and dark fiction.

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