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Custer in the News
In Monroe County and throughout the United States

The articles transcribed here are taken from newspapers and periodicals ranging from 1864 up to the late 1970s depicting a wide range of topics dealing directly or indirectly to George Armstrong Custer.

"Marriage of General Custer" Feburary 11, 1864

"David Reed" May 14, 1874

"Gold in the Black Hills" January 9, 1875

"Custer Visits Monroe" September 30, 1875

"Symptoms of Disturbance" March 4, 1876

"Custer Passes Through Monroe" February 17, 1876

"General Custer's Rank and Command" May 27, 1876

"The Indian Expedition" June 3, 1876

"National News about Custer" June 13, 1876

"A Monument for Custer" November 8, 1877

"Brice Custer" August 4, 1891

"Custer Sword" 1891

"Emanuel Custer's Eulogy" December 11, 1892

"General Custer's Record" May 26, 1905

"Rain-In-The-Face" September 29, 1905

"Custer Monument" November 17, 1905

"Custer Artist Dead" May 25, 1906

"Was Custer's Sister" July 6, 1906

"General Custer Catsup" October 21, 1907

"Custer's Ancestry" May 27, 1910

"Custer As His Brother Remembers Him" June 1910

"Custer movie shown to Monroe residents" 1919

"Custer's Horse, Dandy" 1922

"Custer's Last Battle" 1925

"Unknown Hero's Buried" June 27, 1926

"Story From Monroe About Mrs. Custer" April 5, 1933

Mrs. Custer's Last Visit to Monroe" April 5, 1933

"Mrs. Custer Dead In Her 91st Year" April 5, 1933

"Custer Relics Left to the U.S." March 2, 1934

"Hotel General Custer" November 11, 1941

"Monroe Man Recalls Custer" January 1, 1942

"City Resident Recalls Day Custer Died" June 25, 1951

"Custer Out Of Favor With Grant" July 1, 1955

"Custer Name Associated with Three Houses" October 28, 1965

"Custer Statue Had Three Sites" March 17, 1973

"Monroe Men Who Died In Battle" June 25, 1976

"Montana Papers" July 6, 1976

"Custer's Humour" Feb 18, 1978

"Custer Statue Moved" May 17, 1978

"Sitting Bull's Account of Little Big Horn"

Custer's Horses

Custer's Last Fight

Custer Loved His Charges

"Custer's Widow to Get Photos Held 53 Years

Home at Last Monroe 1877

"Widows receive news of loved ones" reprint 1961

"Chronology of Removal of Custer Monument From First and Washington Streets To Soliders and Sailors Park "

"A Tribute to Mother Custer"

"Mrs. Custer Was Sister-In-Law to General Custer"

"The Dead Hero"


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