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Due to an inadvertent error made in our composing room a very serious mistake was made in an article which appeared in Tuesday's paper under the head, "A Tribute to 'Mother Custer'" and the Monroe Evening News wishes, at this time, to explain to its many readers.

The article read, "Herewith is presented a tribute to the memory of the WIFE of George Armstrong Custer, who died a year ago."

It should have read thusly:

"Herewith is presented a tribute to the memory of the SISTER-IN-LAW of George Armstrong Custer," etc.

The Mrs. Custer who died a year ago was the wife of Nevins J. Custer, a younger brother of General Custer. The family lived on a farm west of Monroe.

The article as printed yesterday was read to a group of very dear friends of the deceased at a recent meeting.

(Monroe Evening News, June 21, 1922.)

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