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David Ross - Community Librarian
David Ross , Community Librarian

Ash Township History

Ash Township was organized out of Frenchtown by the legislative act of 1837.

Sec. 54. All that portion of the township of Frenchtown, as now organized, (in the county of Monroe) which lies north-west of Stony Creek, in said county, be, and the same is hereby, set off and organized into a separate township, by the name of Ash ; and the first township meeting therein shall be held at the house of John M. Beaubien, in said township. (Acts of the Legislature of the State of Michigan; 1837)

The township's name was derived from a just awakened Arba Ash who blurted out his last name when roused from a nap during a formation meeting. In 1838, Ash Township embraced all that part of the county of Monroe lying northwest of Stoney Creek.

Facts and First Families:

  • First election held at the house of JOHN BEAUBIEN in 1837.
  • First building erected was the MATTHEWS house.
  • Village of Carleton laid out in April 1872.
  • Pere Marquette and Lake Shore and Michigan Southern and Flint railroads cross in village.
  • MATTHEWS race track attracted fast horses.
  • Carleton village maintained a uniformed brass band.
  • 1890 businesses included: steam cider mill, lumber yard, photograph gallery, charcoal manufacturer, meat market, wagon and smith shop undertaker, saw mill, furniture store, 3 physicians, 1 dentist.

Top 5 Ancestries:

(1900 Census): German (3458), Irish (1611), French (1162), Polish (959),English (861).

Statistics per 1830 census:

Population 1,011; 4 saw mills; 2 merchants; 3,965 bushels of wheat; 30 bushels of rye; 3,815 bushels of corn; 3,750 bushels of oats; 520 bushels of buckwheat; 200 lbs. of flax; 14 tons of potashes; 772 head neat stock; 149 horses; 32 sheep; 847 hogs.

Statistics per 1900 Census:

Population 7,480 (3,756 males/3,724 females); 2,644 total housing units; 3.26 persons per family; 216.2 persons per sq. mile; 1,294 students in elementary or high school (13.9% in private schools); 70.3% of persons 25+ high school graduates or higher.

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