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Dundee Branch Library
2065 Erie Road
Erie, MI 48133-9757
Phone: (734) 848-4420  
Fax: (734) 848-4420
Carol Laurie, Community Librarian

History of Erie Branch Library:

In 1935 the first library of Erie, Michigan was housed in a store on U.S. 25.  In 1936 it was moved to the old township hall, local upstairs, 2060 Manhattan Boulevard.  Then in August of that year it was moved to a room in the Erie Volunteer Fire Department.  It wasn’t until 1971 that the hours of business were increased from 15 hours per week to 30 hours per week.  In 1972 Erie Township had to expand their office space.  The library was moved to the basement of the Erie Township Hall, where it stayed until the construction of the new township hall/library in 1996.  This was a significant move for the library to above ground, to accommodate young and old alike. 

Dedicated librarians of the Erie Branch Library:
1935-1956 Mrs. Pearl Karr
1956-1958 Mrs. Grace Barlage
1958-1971 Mrs. Lola Santure
1971-1974 Mrs. Alice Pauli
1974-1998 Mrs. Charlotte Wright
1998 Miss Julie Chwalik
1998-2008 Dawn Shock
2008 through present Carol Laurie

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