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Bygones of Monroe:

Monroe Boy Scout Camp at Vineyard Lake Opens Sunday

Monroe Evening News, July 29, 1919, pg. 1

Council to Meet Thursday Night for the Purpose of Completing all Arrangements.

Advance Guard Leaves Thursday

Camp Seandegola is All in Readiness. Seventy-five Scouts Will Be in Camp for a Month.

Camp Seandegola at Vineyard Lake which will be occupied by the Monroe Boy Scouts during the month of August is all in readiness for the opening which takes place Sunday. The advance guard will leave Thursday, but the remainder of Scouts, numbering fully 60, will not leave for the camp until Sunday.

William Mitchell, of the Monroe council, who was appointed to secure automobiles to take the Scouts to the camp has succeeded in securing 16 cars and they will leave from the city hall on Washington street.

The council will meet Thursday evening for the purpose of making final arrangements for the opening of the camp which is one of the finest of its kind in the state.

The Monroe Boy Scouts will share in the proceeds of "The Littlest Scout" which will be shown at the Family theatre Wednesday. The money derived will be used to pay off a note which was given to one of the local banks in order to buy the eight new army tents.

Camp Lempert which is used by the Toledo Scouts and which is located across the lake from Camp Seandegola was opened Sunday.

Monroe Evening News, July 29, 1919, pg. 1

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