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Bygones of Monroe:

Brigadier General Custer – Upon the first appearance of the report that Captain Custer had been made a Brigadier General of Cavalry, we were in some doubt as to its genuineness; but it proves to be a bona fide appointment. He had fairly earned his promotion to this position and it is an honor which Monroe citizens should be proud of. He will no doubt prove fully capable and efficient.

A recent number of the Philadelphia Enquirer pays General Custer the following handsome compliment:

Recently the President appointed three new Brigadier Generals, Captains Farnsworth, Merit and Custer. The noble Farnsworth was killed in Friday’s fight, at the head of his brigade. General Custer had command of a cavalry brigade on the left center of our line and made a splendid charge, when the Rebels attempted to pierce our center with their overwhelming numbers. The Rebels were handsomely repulsed. The charge of General Custer materially aided in their repulse, and it is spoken of with admiration by all who witnessed it.

This officer won great distinction at the Battle of Beverly Ford, with the rebel cavalry where he was conspicuous among the bravest of the brave. Young, dashing and impulsive, his golden, curly locks and gay velvet jacket, made him a shining mark for the Rebel-sharpshooters; but he came out of the fire unscathed and unharmed. This young officer has a bright future before him.

(Monroe Commercial, July 23, 1863, Page 2 Column 2)

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