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Bygones of Monroe:

Drafted Men

Yesterday was a busy day at the Commissioner’s Office, where the long expected draft actually took place, in the presence of an anxious throng, who stood waiting to see who would be the unlucky ones.  We give a list of those drafted, as copied from a list taken down as the draft progressed.  We may have miss-spelled some names on account of not being able to hear them distinctly as called out by the Commissioner.  The affair was a novel one, and drew many into town to see how it operated.  We venture the prediction that many more such drafts will be made before the present war is closed, unless a radical change shall take place in the management of affairs at Washington.  We here append the names of the drafted men, and hope everyone that took part in the Wide-Awake soirees two years ago will immediately respond to the call of the Country:

            Ash –David Bondy, Peter Allen, Frederick Hill, Edward Coil, Charles Hawly, Benj. McLaughlin, John Collin, John Hooper, Jacob Masaro, Charles Southworth, Joseph Robert, Charles Tineaur, Joseph Jarvie, John A. Street, Meril L. Baker, John Calahan, James Contree, John McCormick, George Shabineau.

            Erie –Joseph Ria, Alexander Moross, Antoine Leonard, Isadore Cousino, Frederick Lemory, Victor Duseau 2d, Neal O’Connor, John G. Duseau, William Lapoint, Charles Turner, Ephriam Spaulding, Nelson Gregory, Thos. Lemory, John T. Keeney, Stephen Cousino, Clemens D. Stockwell, Henry Bonnels, Christian Herizler Jr., Marsel Basicas, Samuel Duseau, Peter Ruliat.

            Frenchtown –Fodell F. Navarre, Oliver Lature, Salomon Nadeau, Jacob Sachs, Robert P. Vivian, Michael Reinhardt, Joseph Beseau, George Fix, George Wilson, Henry J. Gregory, Francis Grundel, Wm. Buck, Oliver Robert, James Madison, Francis Emerick, Alexander Deloy, John Weber, Anson Peter, Clinton Smith, Joseph Bordeau, John M. Krug, Noah Loranger.

            Ida –Abraham Harwick, George Mayer, August Beckberger, David Nelson, Doty A. Owen, Charles Albrecht, George Schneider, Christian Klose, Avery Spalding, Anderson Martin.

            Monroe –David Loose, Sylvester Navarre, Joseph Antieau, Jacob Grasle, Thomas Walters, Gottfried Viene, Daniel Clark, George Murlock
            Summerfield –Barne Karne, Oliver Russel, Hiram Pattee, Nathan Look, William Stacey, George W. Schryver, Allen Judge, Stephen Winney, Wm. McMillen, Thomas A. Leach.

            Whiteford –Harmon L. Wilbor, Jessie Baker, Benj. V. Butler, Arthur Hotchkiss.


(Monroe Monitor, February 11, 1863, Page 3)

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