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Bygones of Monroe:

(Monroe Democrat, Friday, November 10, 1905)

Erie's New School House

On Monday, November 6th, the pupils of he Erie village school assembled for the first time in the new building that has been erected to replace the one purposely set on fire last spring by Ex-Principal Leon Shafer. Since that time the sessions have been held in the town hall, which made the work more difficult and more or less unsatisfactory to both teachers and pupils. Consequently it was with a feeling of joy and relief that they began to work in the new building, although no special exercised or program were presented on the occasion.

The building was designed by William J. Keegan, of the firm Thomas A. Keegan & Son, of this city, and is a thoroughly common sense structure, being made of the best material and designed for comfort and convenience rather than to present an imposing exterior appearance. It cost $3,500 and the desks and other interior fittings came to about $500 more. This is just about what the old building cost, but the latter was not half the school building that the present one is, for a big share of the money was spent on fancy roofs and outside ornamentation.

The new school house measures 30 by 52 feet outside measurement, and the school rooms are 28 by 40 feet, the two floors being arranged alike. The entrance is from the west, with well lighted, roomy vestibule. To the right is the cloak room, to the left the stairway to the second floor. The wood work is well selected pine in natural wood finish; the walls will be left a year in the unadorned plaster, after which they will be suitably decorated. The lower floor has 28 desks seating two pupils each, and the second floor has 21.

The teacher's desk and table are on a raised platform at the east end and behind them is the black board, extending the full width of the room. The building is heated by a Monroe Foundry & Furnace company furnace, which is a decided improvement over the old building in which stoves were used. The windows are ample and numerous, the lighting good and evenly distributed.

William Conlisk is the principal and Miss Edith Teall assistant, and despite the disadvantages prevailing in the town hall, they have been making fine progress with the pupils since the opening of the fall term. Pupils are taken through the eighth grade, but it is hoped that within a few years two grads will be added. The work of the graduates has been uniformly good and those entering the High school at Monroe have as a rule made a very creditable showing both for themselves and the village school that gave them their start.

(Monroe Democrat, Friday, November 10, 1905)

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