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Bygones of Monroe:

At the request of V.D. Ford of Dundee, we publish the following farewell address to Captain Ingersoll’s Company.

Farewell to the Ingersoll Company
18th Michigan Regiment

Farewell brave and gentle brothers,
Thou are more dear than words can tell;
Father, mother, sister, brother,
Now must say a long farewell.

But our country loudly calls you,
And we freely bid you go;
None but traitors would re-call you,
When our country needs you so.

Go where hourly booms the cannon,
Go where missiles fill the air,
Go where death that dreaded monster,
Claims the bravest for his share.

Go where fevers are prevailing,
Go where lonely dangers rise,
Go where foes are thickly scattered,
And are watching you as spies.

But dear brothers do not falter,
With true courage meet the foe;
Fight for Freedom’s bleeding standard
Till the traitor is laid low.

Ne’er were men so well deserving,
Of the traitors fearful doom,
As the sons of this rebellion;
May they quickly meet their doom.

Oft we’ll think of you dear brothers,
Oft for you our prayers ascend;
And when dangers round you gather,
Oh, may Jesus be your friend.

Do not spurn the blessed Savior,
Do not turn from him away;
He can shield you from each danger,
Safely lead and guide your way.

May the Savior’s arm protect you,
Shield from each deadly blow—
May his presence safely guide you,
While you tarry here below.

And when your trials are over,
And your called to lay life down;
May each die a Christian Soldier,
And in Heaven receive a crown.
                                                                                          E. Vand.


(Monroe Commercial, September 11, 1862, Page 3, Column 2)


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