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Bygones of Monroe:


J.M. Sterling, the contractor for repairing the Piers of Monroe harbor, is now putting the work through, and is doing an excellent job. The timber is being finished by W.A. Noble, sawed at his mill, and the government overseers of the work way they have never seen better timber. The work is being done in a thorough and substantial matter.

The repairs on the north side of the canal cover about 325 feet of pier, and on the south side 300 feet. When this is done, the piers will be all sound and good, and will need no more repairing for many years. The fact that this job is being done by Monroe men is a decided advantage to Monroe in more ways than one.

In the first place, Mr. Sterling's bid for the work was about $800 less than any other bid made, which saves that amount of the appropriations to be expended upon the harbor in some other way; while it ensures just as good a job, for the work is done according to specifications, and besides those interested in the contract are also interested in having the work well done.

And further than this, as the contract was taken in Monroe, the money will be received here, paid out to our own workmen, and spent here instead of going elsewhere, as would have been the case if the contract had been taken by someone else.

The work of repairing the Piers under the present contract will use up only about $10,000 of the present $15,000 appropriation. This will leave about $5000 to be expended upon the harbor in some other way. The place where this money is most needed is in new canal revetments. The revetments on both sides of the canal are in an exceedingly ragged and shabby condition, in many place broken away so as to permit the washing in of dirt from the outside to fill up the channel and create bars to be dredged out. Besides, the old ragged revetment is somewhat dangerous to vessels. The portion of the appropriation unused in repairing the piers would go a long ways in making new revetments, and we believe it is the opinion of all who are at all interested in, or who know anything of the condition of the harbor, that here is where the money ought to be used.

(Monroe Commercial, July 31, 1873, p.3, c.3)

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