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Bygones of Monroe:

Harbor Improvments 3

(Monroe Commercial, March 31, 1870, p3c1)

A great necessity exists for a little dredging out of the channel of the river and the canals, from the docks to the entrance of the harbor. Mr. Dunbar, who has the government contract for dredging the bar outside the harbor entrance is now fitting up his machinery preparatory to finishing his work. He informs us that if the citizens here will dredge out the channel from the docks to the City Canal, the government officers in charge of the work will allow him to dredge from that point to the mouth of the harbor so as to give plenty of water and make the harbor accessible for the larger craft at the low water stage.

Otherwise the Government appropriation will be expended outside. Last fall Mr. Dunbar made a survey and has proposed to do the necessary dredging, from the docks to the lower end of the City Canal, so as to give a channel 50 feet wide and 9 feet deep at low water for the sum of $3,000. Such a channel from the mouth of the harbor to the docks would be a very important improvement and would afford much greater facilities for receiving and shipping by lake than are now possessed, and would add largely to the inducements to men of capital to enter into manufacturing enterprises at this point.

And this is what this city, or any other city, need to build it up. With this harbor improvement, there is no point on the lakes offering greater inducements to manufacturing enterprises than Monroe. And if it is not done now, at some time not far distant it will be found absolutely necessary, and then it will require a much larger expenditure as the dredging the entire length, through both canals, will have to be done without government aid. It seems important that some measures should be taken to raise the $3,000 and have the harbor and the channel to the warehouses put in the best condition now. If we would do anything to encourage manufacturing we must have a harbor that will admit vessels at any stage of water.

(Monroe Commercial, March 31, 1870, p3c1)

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