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Bygones of Monroe:

Facts by Rev. J. Monteith on the organization of 1st Presbyterian Church

Facts relative to the organization of this church
furnished by Rev. J. Monteith being extracts from his letter.

“I arrived at Detroit June 27, 1816 scarce any preaching in English had ever been heard there before.  I continued the English preacher of that place about five years.  In the meantime I made frequent excursions through the territory, particularly to River Raisin & Miami.  My first preaching at the River Raisin was on Friday morning at 8 o’clock July 12, 1816 to a small but very attentive audience – they beg for more preaching.  During the following years I visited there and at Miami several times spending several days at each.  I preached once and visited families at Port Lawrence now in Toledo.  I wrote to the East for more help and on the 7th of Dec. 1819 Mr. Moses Hunter a licensed preacher arrived.  He labored alternately at Monroe and Fort Meigs (now Perrysburg) till the 7th of April 1920.  The Lord prospered his labors in both places and churches were gathered in about a month after he commenced.  Just a month after his arrival I went and labored with him 9 days.  Sabbath Jan. 9, 1820 organized the 1st Presb. Church at Miami and ordained Elders and Deacons 3 of each – 10th returned to Monroe and visited the English families in the neighborhood – 11th preached at Downings – 12th held a conference of those disposed to unite in a church in Mr. O. Johnsons brick house – 13th organized the 1st Presb. Church Monroe – articles of belief were adopted substantially such as are used in our now, except that nothing was admitted which would interfere with the ordinary practice of the several Evangelical denominations for we received not only Presbyterians and Congregationalists but Methodists, Baptists and Episcopalians – two adults and four infants were baptized that day.  Jan. 29, 1820 visited Monroe and preached – 30th preached and administered the Lord’s Supper for the first time in Monroe to 22 persons, baptizing one adult.  May 18, 1820 visited Monroe and preached in the Court House and admitted 5 persons to the Church – 19th preached at the Court House and admitted 3 – 21st Sabbath preach from John 18 – 31st ordained two Elders elected yesterday, baptized two adults and 3 children – administered the communion to 32.  The Elders ordained were Wolcott, Lawrence, and Joseph Farrington.

Visited Monroe between the 6 and 9 and 12 and 18 of Feb. 1821 preached several times and administered the Communion to 35 – visited Monroe for the last time before leaving the country from 11 to 15 May.”

(Church Records of 1832-Lawrence A. Frost Collection)

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