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Bygones of Monroe:

Masquerade Party

A fancy dress and masquerade party was given at the Humphrey House on Monday night, by the young men of Monroe, in honor of General Custer, and was a complete success.  The masqueraders began to assemble at about 9 o’clock, and soon after that hour the dancing commenced.  There were some ten to twelve gentlemen only, in fancy dress, and about double that number of ladies.  A large number of spectators filled the hall, who enjoyed the fun fully as much as the active participants.  Most of the gentlemen masqueraders were dressed in the showy attire of Henry IV, Richard III, and Louis XIV, and XVI.  The ladies appeared in greater variety of costume, altogether outdoing the gentlemen in this respect.  Among the gentlemen, Gen. C appeared in a dress of the style of Louis XVI, Mr. J F as Hamlet, Mr. J L G as Richard III, Mr. J B as Louis XIV, Mr. H C as Louis XVI, Mr. H L S as a Spaniard, Mr. E S as an Indian Chief, &c.  Among the characters represented by the ladies we noticed Miss E B as a Gipsy, with tambourine: Miss F F as Flora McIvor in the Scotch play of Rob Roy McGregor; Miss A H as a Catholic priest; Miss M M as a Nun; Miss H H as the Daughter  of the Regiment; Miss N B as a Huntress ; Miss I M as the Goddess of Liberty; Miss McB as Little Red Riding Hood; Miss M A as an Indian Squaw; Miss A L as Banquo’s Ghost; Miss M O’C as Lady Gay Spanker; Miss A D represented the New York Ledger.  The characters best represented, to our mind, were the Priest, the Gipsy, and the Indian Chief.  The former was the observed of all, though all the characters were well sustained.  After the unmasking, (which occurred at about eleven o’clock) several of the young ladies appeared in the short waisted gowns, big sleeves, puffs and high backed combs of years langsyne.  At about twelve supper was served, after which more tripping of the “light fantastic toe” by ye merry masqueraders and to the wee small hours ayant the twal, the party broke up and sought their homes, tired it may be, but well pleased with their evenings enjoyment.


(Monroe Commercial, October 1, 1863, Page 3, Column 1)


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