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Adj't Genl's Office, March 31, 1838.


In pursuance to the act entitled "An act to amend an act to organize the militia," approved March 27, 1838, his Excellency the Commander-in-Chief has made the following nomination, in convention of both houses of the Legislature, March 30, 1838, viz:

J.R. Williams, major general 1 st division

B.F.H. Witherell, brig gen 1 st brigade

H.A. Noyes, brig gen 2d brigade

John M. Berrica, colonel 1 st regiment

A.C. Truax, do 2d do

A. Brown, do 3d do

N.P. Thayer, do 4 th do

George Miles, major general 2d division

E.W. Morgan, brigadier general 3d division

Asa Williams, do 4 th do

Edward Clark, colonel 5 th regiment

Owen Welch, do 6 th do

A.D. Crane, do 7 th do

George Howe, do 8 th do

C.C. Hascall, major general 3d division

E.F. Cook, brigadier do 5 th brigade

K.S. Bingham do 6 th do

W. Crooks, colonel 9 th regiment

O. Foote, do 10 th do

F. Barnard, do 11 th do

J.R. White, do 12 th do

J. Stockton, major general 4 th division

W. Canfield, brigadier do 7 th division

D. Northrop, do 8 th do

W.I.P. Little, colonel 13 th regiment

Daniel Chandler, do 14 th do

P.F. Brakeman, do 15 th do

S. Ashman, do 16 th do

J.W. Brown, major general 5 th division

L.S. Humphrey, brigadier do 9 th brigade

Davis Smith, do 10 th do

A. Brown, colonel 18 th regiment

N.W. Wadsworth, do 17 th do

D. Pitman, do 19 th do

W. Spooner, do 20 th do

I.E. Crary?, major general 6 th division

J.B. Stewart, brig do 11 th brigade

A.S. Hays, do 12 th do

W.T. Howell, colonel 21 st regiment

J.H. Stevens, do 22d do

S.H. Preston, do 23d do

A.F. Bolton, do 34 th do

E.N. Bridges, major general 7 th division

I.J. Ellman, brigadier do 13 th brigade

H.L. Stewart, do 14 th do

S.A. Chapin, colonel 25 th regiment

A.H. Redfield?, do 26 th do

G.W. Hoffman, do 27 th do

T.R. Phelps, do 28 th do

H.H. Comstock, major general 8 th division

H.G. Wells, brigadier do 15 th brigade

S. Withey, do 16 th do

C.E. Stewart, colonel 29 th regiment

E.H. Lathrop, do 30 th do

H.K. Clark, do 31 st do

N.H. Phinney, do 32d do


John E. Schwartz, adjutant general.

Sheldon McNight, quarter master general.

Theodore Romeyn, judge advocate general.

These officers will therefore be respected and obeyed accordingly.

By order of the Commander in Chief, JOHN E. SCHWARTZ, Adj't. Gen.


Adj't. Gen.'s Office, March 31, 1838.


The following distribution of the military forces of this state, and the assignment of officers to commands, take effect from and after this date. These arrangements are not to be altered by commanders of divisions, brigades or regiments, without special authority, except on some urgent necessity, when the fact will be promptly communicated to the Adjutant General, with the reasons which induced the alteration.


The county of Wayne will form the 1 st division, 1 st and 2d brigade, 1 st 2d, 3d, and 4 th regiments.

First Brigade.

The 1 st regiment to be formed of the townships of Detroit and Hamtramck. The 2d regiment, of Springwells, Ecorce, Monguagon, Brownstown, and Huron.

Second Brigade.

The 3d regiment, of Dearborn, Canton, Nankin, Van Buren and Romulus.

The 4 th regiment of Greenfield, Redford, Livonia, and Plymouth.


The county of Washtenaw will form the 2d divison, 3d and 4 th brigades, 5 th , 6 th , 7 th , and 8 th regiments.

Third Brigade.

The 5 th regiment to be formed of the townships of Ann Arbor, Superior, and Scio.

The 6 th regiment of Ypsilanti, York, Pitt, and Lodi.

Fourth Brigade.

The 7 th regiment of Salem, Northfield, Webster, Dexter, and Unadillia.

The 8 th regiment of Lima, Sylvan, Sharon, Freedom, Manchester, Bridgewater, and Saline.


The counties of Oakland, Livingston, Lapeer, and Genesee will form the 31 division, 5 th and 6 th brigades, 9 th , 10 th , 11 th , and 12 th regiments.

Fifth Brigade.

The 9 th regiment will be formed of all that part of the county; of Oakland lying east of range nine.

The 10 th regiment of all that part lying west in said county including range nine.

Sixth Brigade.

The 11 th regiment of the county of Livingston.

The 12 th regiment of the counties of Lapeer and Genesee.


The counties of Saginaw, Shiawassee, Clinton, Macomb, St. Clair, Michilmackinac and Chippewa will form the 4 th division, 7 th and 8 th brigades, 13 th , 11 th , 15 th and 16 th regiments.

Seventh Brigade.

The 13 th regiment will be formed of Saginaw, Shiawassee, and Clinton. The 14 th regiment of Macomb county.

Eighth Brigade.

The 15 th regiment of St. Clair county.

The 16 th regiment of Michilmackinac and Chippewa.


The counties of Monroe and Lenawee will form the 5 th division, 9 th and 10 th brigades, 17 th , 18 th , 19 th , and 20 th regiments.

Ninth Brigade.

The 17 th regiment to be formed of all that portion of the county of Monroe, north of the River Raisin, including the town of Summerfield. The 18 th regiment of all that portion of said county . River Raisin except the part of Summerfield lying south of said river.

Tenth Brigade.

The 19 th regiment, of all that part of Lenawee north of town seven, in ranges four and five and half of town six, in range one, two and three. The 20 th regiment of all that portion of Lenawee lying south of the above.


The counties of Hillsdale, Branch, Calhoun, Jackson, and Ingham will form the 6 th division, 11 th and 12 th brigades, 21 st , 22d, 23d, and 24 th regiments.

Eleventh Brigade.

The 21 st regiment formed of the county of Hillsdale. The 22d regiment of the county of Branch.

Twelfth Brigade.

The 23d regiment, of the county of Calhoun. The 24 th regiment of the counties of Jackson and Ingham.


The counties of St. Joseph, Cass, Berrien and Van Buren, to form the 7 th division, 13 th and 14 th brigades, 25 th , 26 th , 27 th , and 28 th regiments.

Thirteenth Brigade.

The 25 th regiment to be formed of the county of St. Joseph. The 26 th regiment of Cass county.


Fourteenth Brigade.

The 27 th regiment of Berrien county. The 28 th regiment of Van Buren county.



The counties of Kalamazoo, Eaton, Barry, Allegan, Ottawa, Kent, and Ionia, to form the 8 th division, 15 th and 16 th brigade, 29 th , 30 th , 31 st , and 32d regiments.


Fifteenth Brigade.

The 29 th regiment to be formed of the east half of Kalamazoo county.

The 30 th regiment of the west half of Kalamazoo county.


Sixteenth Brigade.

The 31 st regiment of Eaton, Barry, and Allegan counties.

The 32d regiment of Ottawa, Kent, and Ionia counties.


By order of the Commander-in-Chief,

J.E. SCHWARZ, Adj't. General.

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