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(Monroe Democrat, May 28, 1891, p1)

Among other things of which Monroe may justly feel proud is her system of electric lights. No city has any better and few have as good. The Schuyler Arc system which was put in by the company of that name has proved itself a great success and was accepted by the Monroe Electric Lights and Power Co. after a run of one month. The city was first lighted by electricity on the night of Nov. 1st last, and has been, every night since.

The plant is located in the brick building on the corner of First and Jerome streets. The machinery consists of three, 50-1500 candle power, dynamos which supplies the three circuits. The two street circuits run until one o'clock a.m. while the commercial runs until 11 p.m. About 14 miles of wire is strung on the three circuits. The trees are now all leaved out and the obstructions to the light are about as bad as they will be and the streets will remain well lighted, with the exception of the localities where the lights are not close enough together.

Last Saturday evening the company turned on, for the first time, the incandescent light, and it proved a wonderful and taking success. Everyone seemed surprised and delighted with its brilliancy and were as loud in its praise as they were when the street lights were first illuminated. The dynamo is a 650 16-candle power, lamp machine of the Thomson-Houston make requiring a 60-horse power engine to run it.

At present there are about 15 miles of wire strung for this service and about 400 lamps in use, with more being put in as fast as possible. Both lights are run by a 150-horsepower engine under the management of Mr. John J. Ellis. Mr. E.B. Latham, the electrical engineer, who superintended the construction, has proved a well informed and competent electrician whose uniform courtesy to the inquiring public has won him many friends. The company, of which ex-mayor Hurd is the manager, is to be congratulated upon it excellent light.

(Monroe Democrat, May 28, 1891, p1)

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