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Bygones of Monroe:

The Return of the Gallant Seventh

A Welcome to the Veterans

The remnant of the gallant Seventh Michigan Infantry, 164 men, under Major Curtis, reached this city on Friday last at about 1 o’clock P.M.  On the previous evening a meeting of citizens had sent a committee to Toledo to meet them, and the Common Coun. had tendered them the hospitalities of the City.  On their arrival, a delegation of citizens met them at the depot and escorted them to the City Hall, which had warmed and put in readiness for their reception.  The stars and stripes and the national tri-colors were festooned about the hall, and on one side of the hall, in large letters were the words, “Honor to the Gallant 7th, the heroes of Fredericksburg and the Peninsula,” and another place the words, “Welcome Heroes of Fair Oaks.”  Under the auspices of the Ladies Aid Society, tables had been set in the Hall for 200 men, and loaded with everything for the satisfaction of the inner man, which the heart could wish.  The notice of their coming was short, and many families had emptied their tables, provided for New Years’ callers, into the market baskets, and taken them to the Hall.  It was a pleasing sight to the patriotic hearted, to see this sturdy little band of veteran heroes, who have survived so many battles, with their tattered and bullet-rent flag, file into the Hall and range themselves around the tables.  And yet it was sad, to think of the terrible decimation which the battlefields and disease had made among them.

A large number of citizens were out to greet them and do them honor, and the ladies were on hand in full force to wait upon them and administer to their wants.  Ranged about the tables and knapsacks unstrung, hot coffee was passed to the weary soldiers by the ladies, and they fell to eating with a will.  And it was well that this repast was provided for them, as they had had nothing to eat for the previous 48 hours, and were nearly famished. 

Most of them remained in the City until Monday, when they departed for their several homes.  At the expiration of their furlough they will again assemble here and take the departure for the seat of war, to serve out their second term of enlistment.

On Sunday evening the regiment attended the Presbyterian Church in a body, and listened to an excellent address form Rev. Dr. Mattoon.

(Monroe Commercial, January 7, 1864, Page 3, Column 1)

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