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(Monroe Democrat July 23, 1891p1c2)

Everybody ought to take a vacation. But its not everybody that can take one of a month or more; returning home after warm weather, as brown as a berry, and as healthy as a ripe apple. It is only the long purses that can go to the mountains, the seaside or up the lakes. The loiters have to remain at home. They have to remain that others may go.

But there is no reason why they should not have a vacation, if not for more than one day. They need not to flee to the mountains nor the woods, and hardly need to go beyond city limits. The shores of the lake furnish innumberable places for a day's pleasure.

With a few friends and a rowboat one can find more than enough to entertain him among the water-lillies and lotus beds and return with a boat load of these rare and fragrant aquatic plants but with a good appetite in prime condition for a good nights sleep.

If one prefers to fish, there is scarcely a place in the great field of marshes and wild rice that the finny tribe will not respond to the invitation - to take a bite. with the pleasure of a seeker, and dozens and hundreds of fine perch and bass often go to make up the catch of a day in the marshes.

One can take his field glass with him and from the piers watch the steamers go by with their loads of pleasure seekers. But if one does not care for the responsibility or work of seeking pleasure in a rowboat, take an excursion to the piers or Stony Point, here you can spend a day strolling along the sandy shore of the lake or take a plunge into its clear water, or sit in the shade of old forest trees and listen to the music of the waves as they roll and break into the pebbly shore or seek wild flowers.

The clear brisk breeze from the lake dispels the vision of summer and suggests an overcoat. July and August weather at the piers or Point is more like October weather in the city.

Here is an excellent place to enjoy your pipe or cigar, or spread your lunch upon the grass, and lazily eat it. The excellent facilities furnished by gentlemen who control the boats that ply between the docks and the piers or at the Point is an assurance of good company and good care and no one need forgo the pleasure of one days recreation a week where he can go and come for 20 cents.

It will sweeten your temper; improve your business capacity, make new friends for you, give you better health and add to your appetite and slumber as well as to the years of your life. It will prove much more desirable than the average vacation and much more cheaper.

(Monroe Democrat July 23, 1891p1c2)

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