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Bygones of Monroe:


(Toledo Blade, Saturday April 16, 1904, p.12, c.8)

Toledo yachtsmen visiting Monroe Piers the coming summer will sadly miss the cordial greeting of "Uncle" Pete Gussenbauer, whose death occurred last week. Uncle Peter was the keeper of that trim old lighthouse at the end of the piers for more than fifteen years, and every visitor from Toledo knew and admired the rugged old man whose kindly greeting was as welcome to the landsman as was the great white light to the mariners who passed up and down the lake. "Uncle" Peter loved companionship and fortunately for him, the lighthouse was so situated as to be accessible to all visitors, so as the years passed he became famous for his genial hospitality and his courteous bearing toward all who went there. An old friend evinced a keen appreciation of "Uncle" Peter's character when he wrote:

This jolly keeper rotund and hale
Sits in from of the lighthouse door
His heart is cheery, he fears not the gale
That.s wafting the fleet under steam and sail
To its destined port on shore.
He's smoking his pipe, and he muses the while
O'er the ships out on the lake;
His face is wearing a pleasant smile,
For his heart is free from grudge and guile,
And he's willing to "give and take".

With the opening of navigation, a new face will appear in front of the lighthouse door, but there are many in Toledo and elsewhere who will never forget the faithful old lighthouse keeper, who often said that while he found pleasant companionship in the sea, the breakers, the clouds and the storm, there was always a welcome for visitors at his end of the piers.

(Toledo Blade, Saturday April 16, 1904, p.12, c.8)

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