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Historic Markers in Monroe County

Michigan Historical Markers - Monroe County

The American Surrender - East Noble

Anderson Trading Post - E. Elm, north side between N. Monroe & N. Macomb Streets

The Armory Opera House - E. Second at Washington St.

Boston Custer – Autie Reed - Woodland Cemetery

Boy Scouts in Monroe County - E. Second & Washington St.

Boyd School - Cass St. between Third & Fourth Streets

Bridge School - Lewis Ave. at Dixon Rd., south side of the River Raisin

British Victory at Frenchtown - North Dixie Hwy.

Capture of General Winchester - Kentucky Ave. between Second & Third Streets

Colonel Oliver Johnson’s Home - NE corner W. Second & Cass Streets

The Custer Home - North Custer Rd.

Death of Capt. Woolfolk - E. Elm Ave. between Hollywood Dr. & Riverview Ave.

Death of Col. John Allen - E. Second near Winchester

Deloeuil Blacksmith Shop - North Custer Rd.

Doctor Eduard Dorsch - E. First St.

Dr. George Francis Heath - E. Front St., north side in front of #29

Dundee – Hub of the Highways - in center of village square, Dundee

Dundee’s Old Mill - Toledo Ave., Dundee, near M-50

Editor Ellis, 1825 - W. First St., north side in front of Monroe Evening News

Edward D. Ellis - Ellis Library, M-50 (S. Custer Rd.) & Raisinville Rd.

Edward M. Knabusch - La-Z-Boy Chair Co., Telegraph Rd.

Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad - Whiteford Township

Famous Waterfront - N. Dixie Hwy., near Sterling State Park entrance

First Battle of the River Raisin - Hellenberg Park

First District Court - E. Elm Ave., north side, east of North Dixie & railroad tracks

First Presbyterian Church - SW corner First & Washington Streets

Frenchtown Township - Vivian Rd., east side, north of Hurd Rd.

Historic Banner Oak School - Crabb Rd., Bedford Township

Historic Crossroad - NW corner S. Monroe & W. Front Streets (Missing)

Historic River Raisin

Historical Museum - NW corner W. Second & S. Monroe Streets

Holy Ghost Lutheran Church - Heiss & Gruber Roads, Raisinville Township

Ida Township/Ida Village - Lewis Ave., Ida

Indian Attack - Kentucky Ave.

J. Sterling Morton - NW corner E. Fifth & Washington Streets

Lake Erie’s Marshes - Elm Ave. exit of northbound I-75 (Missing)

LaPlaisance Bay Settlement - East Albain Rd.

La-Z-Boy Chair Co. - Telegraph Rd.

Liberty Corners Church - Jackman Rd.

Lutherans in Monroe County - Albain Rd. (St. Paul’s Lutheran Church)

McDowell Papermill - N. Custer & Raisinville Rd. bridge

Macon Indian Reserve - Dundee Township

Major-General George Armstrong Custer - SW corner Monroe St. & Elm Ave.

Martin Luther King Memorial Bridge - St. Mary’s Park foot bridge

Masonry in Monroe - SE corner Monroe St. & Elm Ave.

Memorial Place - S. Monroe St. between W. Sixth & W. Seventh Streets

Monroe County Since 1817 - SE corner E. First & Washington Streets

Monroe Pike - NE corner Telegraph Rd. & W. Front St.

Monroe’s Paper Industry - E. Elm Ave.

Monroe’s Soldiers - W. First St. near Cass St.

Murder of Captain Hart - North Dixie Hwy.

Navarre-Anderson Trading Post - North Custer Rd.

Old Burial Ground - North Monroe St., west side

Old Hull Road - North Dixie Hwy., east of I-75

Old Michigan Southern - W. First at W. Front on triangle

Old Whipping Post - NW E. First & Washington Streets (Loranger Square)

Papermill School - N. Custer at Raisinville Rd. bridge

Port of Monroe - NW corner Winchester & E. Front St

The Potter’s Field - Raisinville Rd., Monroe County Community College

The Railroad Well - Lewis Ave., Ida, MI - At the entrance of the Ida Branch Library parking lot.

Raisin Massacre of 1813 - E. Elm Ave.

St. Antoine, Riviere Aux Raisins - North Custer Rd.

St. Joseph Sur La Baie - Manhattan Blvd., Erie, MI

St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception - NW Corner Elm Ave. & N. Monroe St.

St. Paul’s United Methodist Church - SE corner E. Second & S. Monroe St.

Sandy Creek Settlement - North Dixie Hwy. at Sandy Creek Rd.

Smith-Ilgenfritz House - Elm Ave.

Spaulding Cemetery/Plank Rd. - Plank Rd. near Milan, MI

A Storied Homestead - E. Front St. (Sawyer House)

Tecumseh’s Headquarters - E. Elm Ave. near Tremont St.

Trinity Lutheran Church - Scott St. between E. Third and E. Fourth Streets

U.S. 17th Infantry Campsite - E. Elm Ave. near Detroit Ave.

University of Michigan - NW Corner S. Macomb & E. Second Streets

"War" With Happy Ending - S. Dixie Hwy., Erie Township

Waterloo Dam – 1820 - N. Custer Rd

Wayne Stockade - NE corner E. Elm Ave. & N. Monroe St.

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