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Pioneer Families Heritage Certificate

Who qualifies?
Anyone, can apply who can trace their direct lineage to a founding pioneer of Monroe County.  This pioneer would have lived in the area or owned land between 1780 and 1816.  The applicant does not need to live in Monroe County now.  In fact, it will be interesting to see where the many generations since the beginning of the Frenchtown community have migrated.

Illegitimacy is not grounds for exclusion.
List of First Founders 1780-1816

Please share this program information with any and all who have an interest in their ancestors.

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How do I apply?
Download the forms and fill in, then send in. 

For an Express Application only your lineage is necessary.  However, if there is a problem in verifying your information we will ask for additional documentation. 

For an Honor Application please submit the application with your source documentation.   Both the Express Application and the Honor Application use the same forms.  

To help make this genealogical trip through time an exciting experience we have provided detailed instructions for the application procedure.

            Click here for the instructions.
            Click here for the lineage chart.
            Click here for the source citation page.
            Click here for the release form.
            Click here for the bibliography

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How many certificates can I get?
One certificate will be issued for one application.  If you submit an application for yourself and received a certificate that is one application.  If you decide to submit an application for your child, then you submit another application including them as the applicant.

This certificate will be a beautiful memento for grandchildren who someday will have an interest in their pioneer ancestors. 

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What is source documentation?
While sometimes family stories are true, many times they are not.  We would want accurate genealogical research where the information you site is supported by some sort of life document.  One document may verify more than one event in a person’s life.  Example: A birth certificate establishes the date of birth for a person, and their parents.  Baptismal certificates will do the same and may include, sponsors or god-parents.  More information is better than less.

Do not send original documents, copies, and electronic scans are acceptable.  Arrange your documents by generation, and note on the document sheet.

Book references are acceptable and you need not submit a copy of the page in the book, just list the title, author and page number where you found your information.

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Concern for the current vital information.
We recognize the need to protect one’s identity in this current society.  We will make a copy of the chart, and delete any information for living persons.  The originals will be kept in a locked storage room.  Under no circumstances will we release the information of the living.  Lineage charts will be filed under the name of the original ancestor to keep family connections together, these corrected charts are all that the public will see.   

Where do I find the information I need to document my lineage?
Many resources are available at the Ellis Reference and Information Center.  Elsewhere in Monroe County you may wish to contact:

            Bedford Branch Library
            8575 Jackman Road, Temperance, Michigan 48182

            Monroe County Historical Museum
            126 South Monroe Street, Monroe, Michigan 48161

            Genealogical Society of Monroe County.
            P.O. Box 1428 - Monroe, Michigan 48161-6428

Nearby research centers:
            Detroit Public Library
            Library of Michigan
            Toledo-Lucas County Public Library
            Allen County Public Library
            Bowling Green State University

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Available online:
Direct link to History of Monroe County by Talcott Wing     

Michigan County Histories & Atlases

Clarke Historical Library Bibliography of Monroe County      

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Bibliography to assist you:
Click here for list of resources available for establishing pioneers of what is currently Monroe County, Michigan.  “Original Settlers of the Erie District of Monroe County.”

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Is there a cost?
For Monroe County residents there will be no charge.  Applications from other locations are asked to also submit a $3.00 check or money order for postage and handling.  Do not send cash.     

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How long will the program last?
We are paralleling the War of 1812 celebrations and would like to extend this program through December 31, 2012.  We are hoping for wide distribution and all that would like to apply have that opportunity.

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What happens to the applications?
All applications and source documentation becomes the property of the Monroe County Library System.  Applications will be indexed by surname of the early pioneer.  These records will be made available to researchers.  Can you imagine the connections people will make of families that have spread across this great land! 

Please be sure to sign a release form for your lineage chart.  There is a special release to sign if you wish to allow other researchers with a common ancestor access to your contact information.  You name will NOT be sold to any other organization.

It is the hope of the committee that with sufficient interest we can publish a book with this collected information.  A check mark on the application will tell us if you are interested in purchasing such a book, during the year 2013, if one becomes available.

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If I have questions?
We are happy to answer them at the Ellis Reference and Information Center. 1-800-462-2050, or 734-241-5277 ask for the Reference Desk.  Click here for the Ask a Librarian online form.  An email dialogue box will pop up and we try to return your answer as soon as we can.

The reference staff are happy to assist you but we are unable to do the research for you. 

Lookups are available from kind volunteers at the Gen Web Project of Rootsweb: or

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Where do I send my application?
Please accept our heartfelt thanks for participating in this program to honor our ancestors.  Your information may be submitted to:
Monroe County Library System
Pioneer Families’ Heritage Certificate
3700 South Custer Road
Monroe, Michigan 48161-9716

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