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Low Vision

Through the generosity of the Mercy Memorial Hospital Foundation and the Ronald Kull Trust, the Library has purchased software and furnishings designed to make some computers accessible to those with low vision or physical handicaps.

The following is a list of low vision technology available throughout the Monroe County Library System:

Closed Circuit TV (CCTV): These televisions enlarge print pictures and text for easy viewing. The background and text colors can be changed to enhance viewing. They are easy to operate and all library personnel are trained to instruct patrons on their use. These televisions are located at the following branches: Dorsch Memorial Library, the Bedford Branch and the Ellis Reference and Information Center.

Connect Outloud: Screen reader software designed for beginning blind or low vision computer users.  The simple interface allows for web and email access. A tutorial mode is included with the software. This is available at the Ellis Reference and Information Center.    

Intellikeys Keyboard: This keyboard is designed for use by people with motor disabilities. This is available at the Ellis Reference and Information Center.

Kurzweil 1000: This software will scan text, process and read it back to the user audibly. Kurzweil 1000 offers the option of reading the denomination of American currency placed in the scanner. This is available at the Ellis Reference and Information Center.

Zoom Text Xtra 9.0: Zoom Text software provides screen magnification up to 36 times regular screen size. It has a fully integrated magnifier and can "read" text from any Windows application through the use of a document reading module called Doc Reader. It is available at the Ellis Reference and Information Center, the Bedford Branch Library, the Carleton Branch Library, the Dorsch Memorial Library and the Frenchtown Dixie Branch Library.

Click any of the links below to learn more about low vision resources from the Monroe County Library System and resources available throughout the county.

Info Eyes - Virtual reference and information

Low Vision Resources on the Web



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