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  • The Durocher Letters
    The Honorable Laurent Durocher was a patriot to the United States and one of the most influential and effective leaders within the Michigan Territory . From 1815 through 1861 Laurent held a variety of local and state governmental positions ranging from postmaster to State Senator. He served his country in the War of 1812 entering service in April of 1812 and continuing through 1814. The letters serve as a primary account of the battles and massacre of the River Raisin.

  • The John McCalla Letters
    John McCalla, a native Kentuckian, served his country during the War of 1812. While stationed at Fort Winchester, located near the confluence of the Maumee and Auglaize Rivers (currently Defiance, OH) he penned numerous letters to his parents and military officials describing the conditions within the Fort. McCalla will later find himself at the Battle of Frenchtown where he will bear the flag of truce.

  • Memoirs of the Campaign of the Northwestern Army of the United States
    William Hull, a respected veteran of the Revolutionary War, became governor of the Michigan Territory in 1805. With war approaching in the spring of 1812, Hull convinced federal officials to defend Michigan by dispatching a force to Detroit thereby protecting it and the Great Lakes . Beset by troubles from within his army and the British forces, he would eventually surrender the Detroit garrison on August 16, 1812.

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