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Research the War of 1812 for Young Readers

Title: Author: Call Number:

1812, The War Nobody Won

Marrin, Albert

J 973.52 Mar

Black Hawk, Sac Rebel

Bonvillain, Nancy

J-B 970.00497 Bla

By the Dawn’s Early Light : The Story of the Star Spangled Banner

Kroll, Steven

J-B 349.73092 Key

Flag Maker

Bartoletti, Susan

J 975.203 Bar

Francis Scott Key

Whitcraft, Melissa

J-B 349.73092 Key

Mr. Madison’s War : The Second War for Independence

Gerson, Noel

J 973.5 Ger

Our National Anthem

Pearl, Norman

E 973.523 Pea

The Star-Spangled Banner

Hess, Debra

J 929.920973 Hes

Star Spangled Banner

Key, Francis Scott

J 784.7 Spi

Star Spangled Banner

Kallen, Stuart A.

J 811.2 Kal

Star Spangled Banner

Kent, Deborah

J 349.73092 Ken

Story of the Burning of Washington

Stein, R. Conrad

J 975.302 Ste

War of 1812

Bosco, Peter I.

J 973.525 Bos

War of 1812

Gay, Kathlyn

J 973.52 Gay

War of 1812

Greenblatt, Miriam

J 973.52 Gre

War of 1812

Marquette, Scott

J 973.52 Mar

War of 1812

Nardo, Don

J 973.52 Nar

War of 1812

Todd, Anne

J 973.53 Todd

War of 1812 : “We have Met the Enemy and They are Ours”

Warrick, Karen Clemens

J 973.52 War

Washington is Burning

Figley, Marty, Rhodes

J-B 973.52092 Jen

Zebulon Pike : Explorer and Soldier

Doak, Robin S.

J-B 978.02092 Pik


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